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I register into a freebuy to $1ML Super XL to play some freeroll and not to fall asleep.
Well out of 3628 players, got first place for a ticket worth $160 and now i play to win my seat in $1ML Super XL for $1050. I lost few hands, but still in the game and i hope for a comeback.

Have a nice day / night and GL. Worship

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Congratz on the sattelite ticket not easy to come in first place out of that many runners 888 should add a prize pool on top of first place ticket good luck in trying to secure a ticket for the main event Dollar Thumbs Up

well, i got out. After i lost 60% of my stack, i made a comeback to 3900 chips. But lost then AQ vs KK. Q on flop. Well, i will give it a shot tomorrow again. Plus now i'm at 1 point away from ChromeStar. Not big deal. But i want too see what will happen when they change the VIP sistem.

Have a nice day /night and GL.

Congratulations for your win. Too many participants and with only one ticket for a prize,
then it must have been even harder to win.

A bit confused though, since the screenshot is from 888 poker and in your second post
you are talking about chromestar. Isnt this one at pokerstars?

They have Chrome on 888poker too. it's the 3rd vip award, well sencond. You Have Blue , Iron, Chrome , Copper , Silver , Gold etc.
Yes my bad with ChromeStar. It's only Chrome on 888poker.

yup!!!it was good for you gus.finnaly u made it to the finals but on my case im experiencing some bad internet connection line and i cant perform a good playin at 888poker online ,just keep up the good work thanks.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Qzmag... What a great win, coming first out of all those players.... But then bad luck going out in the target event the way that you did. I have a load of 10c tickets to these events and can't bring myself round to slog it out. Maybe I should try your event and see how it goes...if there is another one running.

It should be every day from 17:30 BRM time i think. Well i didn't put him on a AA or KK. that's my bad.

Have a nice day / night and Good Luck.

... Big Smile< That is TOTALLY AWESOME Dude...!!! NICE takedown...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< Now I hope you get through to the BIG money in the main event...!!! Dollar Big Smile Dollar

... Big Smile< THEN you can treat us all to a McEquine Burger (only in Romania) and a LARGE side order of fries.... Big Smile< heheee....

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