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anyone on netflix ?
yesterday i signed up on netflix, but they have no movies or what ?
just 15year old movies who come every weak on TV, no blockbusters, except one or two.
am i just to dumb to find any... Confused

American netflix is were its at...its getting harder and harder to keep tho. There cracking down on alot of DNS codes lately, ive been wothout it for a week now trying to find one that works. Even american netflix wont have new releases but it does have a hudge selection and is updated alot more often

I am not a fan of netflix. The content is limited and you have to pay a monthly fee. Monthly fees are annoying to me.

I prefer downloading stuff via torrents, this way I have them and I can store them on an external harddrive, or put them on a USB drive to watch them on a TV/bring them at a friend's house or something like that.

The only good thing about Netflix nowadays is that they have original series (Daredevil, house of cards)

thank you for the info ! knew im not that dumb lol. im gonna cancel it again and sign up on maxdome.

to TheMachineQC: watch out if you download new movies, once they may catch you. back the days ive done the same, worked fine for a while, but once i got a letter from "warner bros" layer Shock asked me to pay around €900 for sharing that file, else they go to court - it was no empty threat, they went to court and sued beside me around 10.000 people...lucky i dint hear from them anymore, been 3y now.
all i heard: some paid, just not to get in trouble.
not worth... the quallity of the movies mostly sucks.

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Sorry i cant help you kumpel i dont have netflix, or sportlive or any of those channels that are over rated and over priced and always come short on their promises, what i have on the other hand is kat and zamunda Big Smile wish u guys in the ultra democratic countries had those sites, to see what actually u are missing, every hot new show movie or spectacle for free, yes ABSOLUTELY FREE Big Smile
Nothing beats free, except when u have all the best for free, then u have hit the mother load Big Smile LONG LIVE PIRACY Worship

its not really overprized - only €8 per month or so. its a bit disapointing tho...they have alot series and soaps but no recent movies.
kat and zamunda...torrents huh?

Torrents baby, why pay 15 bucks to see the movie, or 50 and up for games, or 1000 and above for programs i use and like to learn like Photoshop, 3DsMax, after effect and others, when i can download them for free Big Smile
Which i have, and learned, all thnx to torrents and piracy, so fak big corporations and fak greedy bastards, why do i support so much piracy, coz its not like in the good old days when u buy a pc game or program u own it, its yours, now u dont own it even if u pay for it, now u have to pay too for servers to play the game, or renew your product key every year which cost u again money, so u think u own it but u really dont, so fak`em, LONG LIVE PIRACY

Why downloading torrents when you can streaming any movies or series in a second?

Anyway I don't have time to download game on torrent. Too much poker Cool

Posted by arsenej1:
American netflix is were its at...

Exactly. Netflix offers different selections to different countries according to what movie/series/media rights they own there for broadcasting. That pretty much sums it up why its not worth bothering with it outside of the US.

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