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New development Spin & Go PokerStars EPT Grand Final  0   
In the new Spin & Go tournaments for the EPT Grand Final, you have the chance to win a trip for the winner of the European Poker Tour (EPT) for only € 10
From March 10 to April 10, it offers the opportunity to convert € 10 in a package for the Grand Final of the European Poker Tour PokerStars and Monte-Carlo Casino valued at € 9,000.
I already try twice and only received a prize of $ 20 for both, win one and lost the other, so I was lucky and I went out with the same money to use Confused

Follow him trying sister, if you win the package I accompanied the Pricipado of Monaco to spend a good morning relaxing on the beach and by the way I shot some chips in the casino of Monte Carlo.
This promotion does not call my attention because I find it very difficult to get the jackpot, and I think it is better to play a Spin of $ 3 or $ 7, because with a smaller investment possibilities best you got cash prizes

This is another promotion fucking PokerStars
Another lie of them that only serves to more commissions they charge and make richer than they are
PokerStars hate and hope one day to see prisoners to their owners
That is well understood, hate PokerStars, everything seems like a scam on them, starting with their software Thumbs Down

Desist already playing it, it really is a scam, always gives me twice and nothing else, I get tired of trying
I will come out cheaper to buy the ticket to Europe and pay the entry to the tournament, to keep trying this promotion
I do not understand why enthusiasm with these promotions if I never win anything important
PokerStars actually I never win anything at all Aww crap!

If you break even on Poker Stars you are winning sure it would be nice to win a package but do they state how many packages they are giving away or the odds of hitting a top prize with the new ten dollar spin n go all of there promotions recently most benefit themselves in terms of rake with their daily missions.

For all that have been screwed up in some way by Jokerstars i recomend Dope song "Die Mothf.... Die" Big Smile Evil Cool

I think the fairest song for this situation posed PokerStars s**t every day is best represented by this song Evil

Queen - We Will Rock You

Greetings all, bad blood is not done, if they stop playing poker will be happier Big Smile

This promotion is a turd
I prefer a thousand times lost playing Omaha head up $ 7 where I am winning and not misleading promotion
All new PokerStars promotions were made only so that they themselves have a high profit, not suitable for players

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