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So i ahavent been doing so well in the SnG's recently and needed to get some bankroll help on PS. Decide to play the Pokersites 50$ Freeroll today and just hit the final table in 3rd position. I really could use the coin fora first place finish but the experience of another final table should do wonders for the confidence.

Wish me luck and If you want to rail come say hello!

G'day mate

Way to go Thumbs Up I hop you take it down.
Congratulations on even making it to a final table on JokerStars.
It is after all the home of the suck out.
Wishing you all the best
be cool

Ronin Cool

So i managed to get heads up and finished 2nd!!! for a payout of 7.12 $ USD.

Not that i care just wanted the win at this point. only if my A Q had hit vs pocket 9's.

It seems like a small payout but the confidence from running so deep should do me wonders.

Good luck all and thanks if anyone railed me today!

Congratz Irish ! Not just prize, achievement to reach final table even finish at 2nd place on big participant tourney is very wonderful . I wish that achievement will build your confidence and build
your bankroll again. Good luck next tourney Smile

Good job as always Irish, keep on rocking baby, i love when i see some of my favy nations crushing it on the poker tables, second place not bad considering it was a freeroll with big field infested with donks and bingo players, so congratz man this really is a very good result, and keep on piling them moneeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy make that BR grow Big Smile Thumbs Up Worship

Thanks guys . Just finished a small .50 cent 45 man S&G and finished 2nd again.

Probably should have shipped this one but hey 2nd is nothing to sneeze at. I'll Take the 3.80$ profit! I've made more than 15$ today from the Freeroll 2nd place ans this 2nd now.

Not bad since i had -.04 cents in my account when i started the day. hopefully a sign of good runs to come.

Finally a first place. Took down a 1.50$ 6 man turbo. Dominated most of the way knocking out the other 3 runners. Must be a good cars sbut I'll take it !

Please keep this going I could use a good long run of solid play and great cards.

Back to it.

Edited by TheIrish77 (11 March 2016 @ 07:31 GMT)

congrats irish, just keep shiping those tournies Blink

The Irish ..... Well done on what looks like a nice little run of success for you. Long may it continue and long may you continue to spend your winnings wisely. Keep us informed about your progress over coming weeks and it will be interesting to see how much you can grow your bankroll to.

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