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Poker room that you like best and why (Brief) Question

Another (Say it is)

I really want to know BankrollMob users are saying regarding playing rooms and surely the result of the survey will be to the benefit of all and a better choice of poker rooms Thumbs Up

PokerStars: if not the best but I play there because it is the room that has the best and biggest tournaments. I do not like the software and I think this rigged, but it's the same in all rooms. I also played at William Hill and 888 but not like. I recently did a PartyPoker account but I can not comment because I played very little there although it seems that this good.

FullTilt baby the best out there by far, i like it for more reasons, but the best one is their random card generator, more fair and predictable then the others, also soft fields of players Big Smile
888 cool room with the best promo`s but their software needs work definitely, its not smooth enough for my taste Big Smile
Party poker, all in all good poker room, coz i played bwin b4 i played party i like the software, and they are one and the same, with one big difference Party has more promos then Bwin.
Jokestars, well its not for nothing they got that name, its definitely not the same room as 8 years ago, best software by far, smooth and great to play at, but their random card generator should be called RAKE GENERATOR, coze is programmed to generate rake by all means, stay away from that place.

I like PokerStars their software, very good customer services, number of players and games available.

I like Party Poker for their software and promotions however customer services is very bad.

I tried 888 they have many promotions however all their freerolls are all hyper turbo which i don't like
customer services is good.

Duck poker no comments very bad.

Also tried full flush poker not enough players and it cost me $60.00 to cash out my money very bad customer services.

I play mostly on 888 Poker because of there promotions and value of free rolls sofware and selection of games number one has to go to Poker Stars. I won't bother with new or small sites only problems when it comes to cashout.

Fulltilt is nice but its site will merger with pokerstars, so no need too serious play their , I mean if you want improve your career, cause I think random system connected with our style of play.
I couldn't play at PP and 888. so no have much choice for me, so I play at Duck Poker. A lot player
here said that's a bad poker site but I enjoy play there Smile
I suggest play where you can win. Good luck

well i am not playing actively currently, but when i do i like riverstars mainly because huge players base/tourneys selection and most importantly- enough action on the more exotic poker formats like pl omaha hi/lo, stud hi/lo, razz. not a lot of chances to get any action on these in other rooms, unless a table or two max.

well for the best site u wanted to play comfortable with lots of enjoyment is 888 poker that then if u want serious gambling its pokerstars wich gives a huge variaty of prizes and rest are just promotion that need to register to earn rewards ,if your asking me my 888 and duck poker since i profit to it my best choice... Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship

Well we all know that pokerstars is holding monopol of poker... so to chose poker client from those that you mentioned isnt right... because pokerstars have largest field of players, and only that is good enough to get rid of others... thats why they ara making a ton of money, which they invested nicely in software, which is the best, regular and even phone version... also their customer service is best... you get your answer right away, in matter of minutes... also cashier is flawless, any transaction is good also in maþer of minutes... so ps is currently best...

Well i like to play on PP but PS is 1mil years ahead all others rooms.
We can hate them 1000% but simply they have all best thing there
Best promo,game any tape any time off day cash outs in seconds (that nobady have)
only thing bad there is freaking RNG thats pised me off Smile

Party poker Smile

Sxitstars Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down

I forgot to mention Poker stars has the best App for iPhone versus the competition 888 and Party Poker app is okay but not as advanced as Stars Big Smile Thumbs Up

Its been a while since i last played, but i have to say it is Full Tilt poker.
Liked the software easy to navigate and of course many players so you can always
find a game to play, no matter the version of it.
I also like the ipoker network.

Titan Poker is the best room and has very good customer
The software is reliable and is not as treacherous as in the other rooms Thumbs Up

PokerStars is s**t, a real scam, just play there because it has the biggest tournaments and players a lot of traffic, but that good is that if you cheat software Thumbs Down

For me also the best room is Titan, also is the only room where they give me every month tournament tickets
Titan quiet game and although I have not had any big prize at least keep me
Besides the welcome bonus, just deposit $ 20 once in two years and I'm still playing tournaments boys
PokerStars and get tired
888 I do not like
PartyPoker recently started playing yesterday and I was not good, but I liked a lot

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