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PS is getting worst day by day in the bad beat issue.
Unreal things happends in here in very short time.
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So try another site Smile Don't think you have to play at biggest site. what for if you disappointed most of the time ? But base on my experience is the same, so many 'bad beat' or bad bet ( ? )
Good luck next time

well it depends on who do you compare it with. also not quite sure it's getting worst by the day, it might be that they are getting worst by every third day, or every second week... lots of facts need to be taken into account here, but obviously something is not right @PS if regular mobbits cannot make a living from poker.

You can try another one. No one has you glued there Smile
Two of the best rival sites at the moment are the party poker and 888poker.
And from what i can see here, they both have very good promotions.

Also taking just a break from poker stars isnt a bad idea. Try again after a dew days.

You could always consider that you need to adapt your style,of play and make the most of those strange things to your advantage. Don't blame the software, it's a game of chance, as determined by an esteemed judge in Holland, so just go with it and don't worry about how much skill you may have developed. Big Smile

Poker is a game of chance when you play it live, face
The online poker is no longer a game of chance, the software all rooms are rigged, and it becomes impossible to play, always are the bad bet and always suggestively the big stack win with any hand, even if it is garbage what they have
Online poker companies have destroyed the true poker

Stop playing there bro, i stoped playing there, except for the Kings home games that i play for the fun i have with the regs from BRM, and the tournaments our federation hold there, all my money is on FT, PP, 888. Fak that joke of a room, no where else i am more scared to push all in with AA pre flop then on PS, i lose everytime, no matter who shoves what from which position, so i said to myself fak`em.
I play on the other platforms, and i can say its all good, ace`s hols as they should 83% of time, as they should, and the variance is not that bad, plus the field is softer, so why so u still play on PS, that room will be over soon, mark my words Big Smile

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