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:O< The Absolute WORST....  +2 speaks for itself..... Aww crap!

(Brain Fart/Mis-Click)

I really don't understand was it really a mis-click or the guy raised and you folded your K Q for a reason that only you can tell.

Or maybe you were to tired to see your cards and your eyes closed for a while and you misread your pre flop hand.

But anyway you just folded a quad i do that almost every day i always am afraid of a bad beat against a straight flush.

Sorry. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile


... Big Smile< I was playing in several games,...and involved in a really good hand in another game, I knew I was gonna call and took a few extra a hurry I passed the cursor a little too far passed the button to 'call' to the raise button.... THEN when I slid it back,...I went TOO far and clicked TOO fast aqnd accidentally hit the fold button.... Shock Aww crap! Big Smile

So don't play too much game at the same time,lol. Really hurt but how was the next ? Did you ITM ?
How many table did you play ?
But forgot that accident, you won 1000 mobpoints, right ? congratz for that Thumbs Up

I have done that several folded away a royal flush that woud have got me a cash bonus for getting it at a cash table... Aww crap! Aww crap!


... Big Smile< I had three games going,...and the hands came up to play on all three approximately simultaneously...... BUT,....why does THAT always only happen when you actually have a HAND...??? I don't remember ever mis-clicking away junk... Big Smile

Wow Shock
I've misclicked before, but not that bad.
hope you still finished in the money Thumbs Up
I was in the same bounty game as you today
but i'm out now.
playing the 1K gtd for1.10 now Thumbs Up

hahaha demodawggy...! I have also misclicked before but I can't even remember when or in what hand, so it for sure was not a quad in texas hold'em. Or else I would remember Big Smile
I hope it was a freeroll, and not a 10 000$ buy-in MTT Blink Gotta train the mouse clicking skills like an olympic athlete to make sure it never happens again!

That was one bad mistake there Smile But such things happen when you multi table.
No need to feel bad though.
All of us have done such mistakes. And i have misclicked more than once lol.
If it doesnt cost much in your game it is easier to forget.

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