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Played a 2.20 Turbo 4K GTD. Finished 167th for a double up on investment. Again had to put it in with pocket 10's vs AQ off and of course they spiked the queen right away. Should've run way deeper if any bug hand would hold up today. Seems like anything i hit gets trumped after the money is on the line. If i have Kings the yhave Aces and so on. PS you're being a bit of a bitch today want to start to even it out not just on the others side.

Well Another cash is a positive sign no matter where it is I guess.

also playing the 1.10 30K GTD again and have passed the ad-o stage but had very little chips to add on to due to some shmuck with Q3 Suited hitting a river flush against pocket Jacks, That's teh type of day it's been constantly.

Good Luck all

Nevermind just busted against two players with small pairs agaisnt KQ, of course there little shitty pairs held why wouldn't they ? F**k just something work out. wouldn't have even played the hand after someone raised the flop but with not that many chips almost feel obligated to call them off. f**k it that's it for today .

Peace out

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I bet you got mad cause you couldnt go any further, but at least you have achieved the most
important thing, to make a profit, which was double your buy in Smile
You have good finishes so far, so it wont take you too long to climb even higher again.

As long as get profit is good, I think. Success need luck, maybe wasn't your moment to get better. Always any way to make us fail if not our time. Read pinotte thread don't believe it. really crazy,right ?

Good luck next time. Smile

The more you play the beter chanse is to come close to some FT Smile
I tell you some thing when i play and finished deep or FT some tour im alway short in that tour
But hey every ITM is nice no mather how many
Keep the good work

Just cahsed in another MTT and am poised for a very deep run.

Playing a .55 c MTT with 1K GTD and sitting in a very good spot sittign 14th of lst 233. just have to keep my head staright and I could easily final table this one. wish me luck boys and girls!

out in 115th. went full tilt mode once I got robbed on River trip Aces against flush draw. All fucking day long these morons with no hands always hitting on river. I'm starting to see why so many of you refer to Pokerstars as Riverstars or Jokerstars. I could be up close to 200$ profit today if it weren't for horribly bad beats.

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I would recommend to try out some MTTs with a bigger buy-in where the field might not have this many beginners/donks etc. I mean if you obviously owning the micro ones even with getting bad beats one after another you could definitely try out the ones on the next level.
If your bankroll won't cover it you could always switch back to these - above.

Yes, in micro and freeroll we have to prepare to get bad bet. Luck is number 1 there Big Smile Big Smile .Very good place to train our feeling to learn play crap card. We will need it at card dead situation , where our winning hand is crap card and premium hand loose Tongue

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