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All the money he had won in freeroll 1M had lost playing Spin of $ 1, left me only $ 3.70 and decided to play a Spin of $ 3, so lucky I play me $ 75 and I could win, but after suffer a lot and 18 minutes.
Had suffered a bad bet and I were only 100 chips in the head up as you can see in the pass went up, I decided to make the big kamikaze and pull 3 all in a row to win a lot of pain, and when match play could liquidate playing poker Evil
Also climbed the last pass, which was poker, and as always my father says, is foolproof, because for more than wins, and the program had prepared my triumph giving a pair of JJ hand the Russian villain to go up to background Worship
I am happy Big Smile Dollar

Bad bet

End Poker

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Very good daughter
Watch your bankroll now and I hope you continue having a run of luck, especially if you play the Sunday Million 10M
Play tournaments low buy in, to whet grow that bankroll slowly Thumbs Up

Congratulations this is a very nice come back which is very hard being HU. I suppose that the other player wanted to finish it to fast and made very bad mistake.

However you did it and won a very nice prize of $75.00.

I hope you win many more money but take care to these spin & go they just are like slots you have to be very lucky. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Well done there Lady... Thumbs Up Worship Worship Worship always nice to see a mobbit do well and win!

Its always nice to beat a russian for some reason Shock Evil Agree Big Smile nothing against the russians per say... Question Question Question Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

gl lady and win more Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Congratulations on your win. A very good one, giving you a boost to your bankroll
and not only.
Now you can play even more games for some good results like this one.

Are you two related by any chance? Smile cause i saw that "daughter" Smile



congrats on your win, but first hand that yoou say bad beat, isnt bad beat... he got better hand and won... bad beat would be is you hit and outdrow him Blink

Congratz!! You were very lucky. Hope you would not be spin n go addict Smile That's really dangerous like pinotte said. just like slot. I suggest you play normal poker, just sometime play spin n go.

Good luck

Well done Lady Thumbs Up now keep it calm and rise up. Best of Luck!

Thanks to all
Today I could not play anything because I was not home, so take care of my bankroll this like yesterday, and this week I must study hard to take the end of a matter, so I can not be at the poker tables or a while .
recently will be the next weekend return to gamble a bit and give you a tour of the forum.
Have a happy week full of successes.

I personally feel, that Spin and gone is more casino then poker. I only play it, if there is daily quest involved (like for 1M freeroll sat tickets) and then i play 25c ones just to get over with it.
It as slippery road i tell, add a little bit of tilt and whole bankroll can vanish.

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