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Just played tournament on PartyPoker for 5 tickets and dominated it ! in final 9 i knock out 2 players in 5hands and in 6th hand i knock out 2 players with AQ vs 1010 vs JJ ... they had 15bb (45k) had flushdraw a or q on river and hit Q Smile Wish me luck tomorrow Big Smile Dollar Dollar Dollar Blink

well done bro gratz Thumbs Up but how in the hell u can play on Party Poker? when did u register there?

You cant make account? Aww crap!

nope, it says " u are registering from a country that is not allowed to use our products" - every fucking time

Its like you said buva
It matters when you did open your account.
When they put greece into restricted countries, they werent allowing new players to sign up.

The old ones could play like everyone else.
This as long as your account was active. If after this your account went inactive for
6 months it was game over, with no option to reactivate it, since you were not allowed any
more to deposit. Some very weird rules there.
If only i knew Smile

well i won 30$ on freeroll with 30 000 people i finish 1st ... and i made few 1st places in 1$ after that and run it to 600 then i hit 2 times first place for 22$ and had like 3-4k on account 4-5 years ago and they never turned me off... i make a lot of rake when i play cash i guess thats why im still active Thumbs Up

Well..... There is nothing like a bit of humility to endear yourself to others.

Well done on your world domination and I hope and wish you all the very best of luck in the game that you play with your $109 ticket that you have won this evening.

i made account of the party poker but they wont let you play freeroll unless you have to make a deposit. so I was decided to make a deposit so, before that I checked the blogs on forum about the party poker site, but I have read so many complaints about their site. and I uninstalled their software i prefer play on pokerstars, i think money is safety to withdraw without any hassle.

Congratz Badodds! how lucky you. So easy knock out your opp at final 9 and could play at PP even your country restricted ! Very strange policy Could you play at Unibet also ? I have been waiting for long time when they change their policy Sad

No unibet dosent let me play for long time ... but i never liked unibet... PP>PS>ALL

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