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Let's be creative, romantic, depressive, satiric.

This is a poker/casino poetry thread.

Post your poems, bonus points for original and rhyming ones!!


I'll start:

Diamonds are red
Spades are black
You smell like fish
Here goes your stack


So the poker casino poetry poems topic
Hasn't started as well as indgrin would have wanted
And as of today no mobsters have posted
Any poems at all that this thread could have hosted.

I am not quite sure why cos poems are such a passion
And the way mobsters live it could be quite the fashion
But the thread remains quiet and no rhymes to be seen
The thread in itself has stayed virginally clean.

So does anyone out there have any rhymes as is asked
It really is not such an incredible task
To write a few lines that might rhyme at the end
So if you have poems type them out and press send.

I just took your stack
now you're talking smack
all you do is chase
with any random ace
now stop acting funny
cuz i just took all of your money! Worship

As i set forth on this journey,
may the gods of this game, continue to bless me with good fortune.
I ask u grant me the power to keep my ego at bay, in a face of diversity,
the strength to choose patience over greed,
and a trust worthy gut, that knows when to lay down, when to fight.
Once that decisions made,
i leave my faith in your hands
i have faith that ull be there,
to guide me along this ride on the river.

Wow great contributions! Keep it going on!


So far, my thread started well
but the fish they still smell

we need chips and proteins
eat to survive and that means

on the long run when you play
you bankroll will go away

so stop playing bad hands
maybe you get some fans



So the poems are flowing
And there's no way of knowing,
Whereupon earth these postings will end.
With poker and casino to feed all the rhythm
The rhymes will surely just follow along
And no matter how you try to not make them scan
There's nothing about poems that ever go wrong.
So spin away the wheel and place all your bets
The best bit of all this will surely come next
So wait while you can, or write while you must
And hope that your bankroll just doesn't go bust.

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