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Hey Gents/Ladies,

What's the best bet online for daily tournaments for a relatively low buy in (5$-100$), where the payouts are in the hundreds or thousands? I'm on Party Poker, but I wasn't sure if there's another site with solid numbers for a tourney.

Thanks to all for your advice/opinion in advance.

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Pokerstars for sure..they have tourneys as low as 1$ that u can win hundreds or thousands.

By far pokerstars have the best tourneys out there for smnall buyins, big 0.50, the hot 0.50 and up, from 50 cents and up, so u can choose what ever u want, but since u come from party, ull have trouble getting used to playing on stars, bigger fields, tougher players, and amazing starlike, wonder even suckouts Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
Also on FT u have some good MTT`s for as low as 50cents, and up, not so big fields, and not so good players, better chance to get a good return on your money Thumbs Up
So there u go buddy Big Smile Thumbs Up

Agreed Stars is the best place for the biggest guarantees and it's highly challenging to win because of the huge player fields but if you can hold your own and do well you can make 100s or 1000s of dollars just like that from a few bucks I believe alot of mobsters this year have had that kind of success on stars stars offers great value on your money Smile

Forget PokerStars...way to many scammers...especially the owners!! Try our WPN...the deals are great and there's a better change to land in the money Smile)

Hello there mobstar Tickwallet ,

You say you want to play big tournies and not on pokerstars.
Currently on partypoker there is the powerseries , some of them have very high buy-ins but there are always satellites. So maybe you spend only a few dollar on a satellite ticket and then you can qualify for the big tournies .

good luck Smile

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the response.

I've got onto Pokerstars now. I'll check it out and see how it goes. moneyback cashes in first two tourneys. I'm on partypoker, made out in 4th for one of the featherweight tournaments, that was great.

ChopperDave, I'm not sure what WPN is?

Thanks again for taking the time everyone!

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