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haha i meant glad Tongue

Posted by yout85:
Well actually Teddy, you're entirely wrong Tongue

In poker there is ALWAYS a right play and a wrong play.

I don't mean to sound condescending in any way here.... but if you can't see that 150-325 here is a good raise, but 326 and over is really bad... then you'll never be a very good poker player.

no its no condescending just presumptuous.. Big Smile
you can either play like "we are borg" out from the schoolbook, or you play real poker. if your good, then you dont play the cards but the player - simple. and there is no right or wrong play, except to make really stupid mistakes. thats what makes poker so interessting.
like i said all a matter of opinion.

Posted by yout85:
Posted by IceQueenAce:
Man I am so bad you are back Yout!

You're not that bad Smile

And yup... for the timebeing at least, I'm back Thumbs Up

I think you should stick around yout. This site needs your knowledge and im sure theres areas well all gain having you here and maybe youll gain from sticking around also. Goodluck at the tables n once agin welcome back.

Posted by damosk:
I like Yout85's explanation. My initial consideration of pinotte's original post was why 400? While I accept Pochui's explanation re freerolls, I have played a few of these BRM party games this week and have experienced both situations....all in with ATC and good considered poker play. I think part of the rsolution to this situation would be PINOTTE to help us out by explaining that rationale for his 400 raise. Also, the stack sizes of PINOTTE and the limped may help too. Can you help us with that PINOTTE?

Me too, thanks Yout85 ! Thumbs Up
Your question to pinotte also good damosk. It will help to better analyze.
At middle phase or if I have good stack at early phase usually I bet 3BB, but in this case I don't know enough stack for tactical bet (on flop,turn) or not

@ Damosk my reason for the 400 raise is that with the K K i don't want to see the SB , BB and limper in the pot and i did not know that i could not come back and shoved when the BB go all-in.

Last night i went back to see the hand. My stack was 2,975 the BB 510 and the limper was over 6,530.

And i any case i think that the limper after having called a 510. raise he would have called my all-in and i would have face the same result.

Edited by pinotte (27 March 2016 @ 15:20 GMT)

You mustn't think that way.... If you would've gotten all in preflop... He MIGHT have still called you... and MIGHT have still won... but you would've been getting your money in good.

Just have to compare EV to see why....

As I suggested it should have been played:

You stand a ~80% chance of gaining ~3,500 chips... so every time you make that play, you win 2,800 (if you played it that way infinite times)

As you played it:

You stand a ~80% chance of winning ~1,500 chips preflop and a ~65% chance of winning the remaining 2,000 on the flop... so you win (0.8x1,500)+(0.65x2,000)=2,500 chips every time you make that play.

Even if the Ace or 9 doesn't come on the river.... you're still losing 300 chips.

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