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Here are the results of the BRM rumble freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to marqis and sammybeyo who made the top five for a $109.00 tickets. marqis i think made it twice before and i am not sure about sammybeyo Question .
I did not played it because i am going out today and i thought that i would not had time to do it i will be there next week.

Thanks and congrats to Sammybeyo as well!

It's the second time I won this, and luckily I still had the previous ticket, so now I have the ticket and $109 tournament dollars. I think I'll keep the ticket while trying to get more...

I forgot to register for the daily freeroll however. Set an alarm and everything...


... Big Smile< WOW....!!! Nice one marqis...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Sammy too...! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< I think somebody has won 3 of them, it appears as if a 'Tickets Won' Leaderboard is starting to emerge from the ether...! Big Smile

... Big Smile< As for me, KK decided to tangle with my right side neighbour's AA and I got booted outta Dodge...... early....! Confused

... Big Smile< ...marqis is a very good player,....but ya gotta watch out for that Sammy boy,....a wee bit of a Spadesilent killer Spade come up on you outta nowhere...!!! Big Smile

Once more congratulations to all and especially marqis.
His name comes up often in the winners list Smile so he must be a good player.

Also winning such tickets time after time, helping you score big time at some point.
Good luck with the tickets.

I also made it twice this is my second appearance in the 109 game the first time I won a ticket I went on to min cash the next day congrats to Marqis as well good luck in the 109 game should be fun to play Smile

Was close to tickets finished 8th Sad
was great game !!!
congraz to all winers

Congratulation guys, go and get those big cashes at PP. I have to take a minute to say how nice BRM site is as they are always giving us massive chances to win really serious money...

Congratz Sammy and Marqis Smile I wish you two will have good result at main event. Already so long know BRM member won the ticket but no news someone here ITM or reach final table.
Good luck.

Reaching the final table in that game would be a dream come true to anyone in the bankroll mob community that would get there especially if they did it with the free ticket would be great one day. Smile

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