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... Big Smile< Hey guys,...... Got any unused and unusable 888 tickets left over from the promo...? They Expire TODAY at midnight GMT...

... Big Smile< QUICK,....Better telephone 888 RIGHT NOW, or before midnight GMT 'TODAY' and if you are 'polite',...they may issue you a $1 tourney tic or more....

... Big Smile< She said that because it was my birthday recently, she ALSO gave me an entry to a $100K tourney this Friday night at 8:00pm GMT...

... Big Smile< If you live in Canada,'s the number...: 1-800-480-5186

... Big Smile< Some HOTTIE named Alice from Antigua was SO nice to me... Smile Thumbs Up

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Everyone will start calling for tickets now lol.
they know how to keep their clients happy in this place, arent they?

Probably they are first after Full tilt and Pokerstars and if its not them, then its party poker.
Players playing in last two sites can actually categorize them better Smile

   0's all over as the new member scheme starts today with gold coins there for the taking and such things as scratch cards for achieving a five level comb. Still trying to work out what it all means but I won't be phoning Alice in Antigua . Good luck to you all who play at 888.

Yeah was a pretty good promotion from 888 Poker made $70 from all the lotto freerolls and had a recent final table with the daily copper freeroll finished in 3rd place for $17 can't complain always some good value freerolls on this site good luck. Dollar Thumbs Up


... Big Smile< Uh huh...! Not a bad site, and pretty good games but I don't care much the cartooney looking graphics on there and on FT...!

... Big Smile< I much prefer the plain and real looking graphics like on PS... But my FaVoRiTe tables to play,...are the partypoker ones. I just like the look,...and the sounds.... I like that one sound that has a pneumatic tone to it when you click,....sorta sound like and air rifle or paint ball gun goin' off...!

... Big Smile< The ONLY problem I have with 888, is that you can deposit there FROM Instadebit,....but you can NOT cash out from 888 back to Instadebit...!!!???!!! You have only one option,....back to your real bank account where you live. For me,...that's sending money into a dead end only to have to RE-SEND it BACK to Instadebit from my bank for ADDITIONAL conversion fees BACK to USD...! Doesn't work for me...! I want to keep my money in my Instadebit account e-wallet. PP, PS, and FT receive and return $$$ to Instadebit,....but 888 doesn't for some reason... Confused

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