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For Canadians players on PS... again :)  0   
Two promotion for Canadians players on Poker Stars

March 31 20:00 ET:
The whole Todd Shaprio crew will be there, including Roddy ‘bytheshore1’, Jay ‘TheJayBrody’ and Todd ‘Todd Shapiro’ himself, and we’re adding $1,000 to the prize pool for free. Buy-in for $1, and if you knock out any of the presenters, we’ll give you an extra $100 bounty.

Currently 229 players registered, 42 places paid. 6 handed

April 12 19:00 ET:
Make a minimum deposit of USD $50 with code "usd1000" and you'll get a free ticket worth $5.50 for the $1000 added tournament, THE USD1000 on April 12.

Currently 89 players registered, 15 places paid

The only good thing from pokerstars in 2016 are for Canadians players Big Smile

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... Big Smile< Looks like a good game to get in on PK....! I've been waiting for weeks now...! No late reg for me for this one considering the HUGE Bounties not to be missed...!

... Big Smile< If anyone needs the password, here's a clue...: It's an all caps acronym of the title of the show...:

The Todd Shapiro Show

... Big Smile< heheee....

If a regular canadian Mobsters need $1 for tomorrow at 20:00 ET for the tournament I can send $1.

Look previous post for a hint to the password.

See you at the table Smile

The 1K freeroll with three bounties sounds pretty good will definitely give it a go. Had two good sessions with the card hunt promotion up $15 profit but only the usual small prize of a dollar. Good luck to all mobsters in the 1K freeroll. Dollar Thumbs Up

Hey fellow canadian mobsters!

I was away last couple of days. These promotion looks decent but I really dislike the increase in rake from pokerstars. Not sure if I will deposit there again because this little 4% will make the game so much harder to beat. I'm really not a fan of Amaya even if it's a canadian company lol.

I could use the 1$ for the one with bounties but I don't wanna abuse your kindness Smile

Good luck to those who play it!

The Todd Shapiro Show Poker Night in 2 hours (20 min late reg)

Currently 362 players registered, 66 places paid. 6 handed

Good luck

Don't forget Thursday bounty on party poker Tongue

Edited by PokerKing76 (31 March 2016 @ 23:41 GMT)


... Big Smile< ...My A A Q Q + His innocuos 10 10 10 = BAM!!! Confused< ouch....

... Big Smile< First hand,....Oh well,...still 2 more bounty tourneys to go tonight yet...! Smile Thumbs Up

Was going good early on then pick up AJ hit top pair top kicker was up against a slow play of KK and small stack QJ and wins with two pair on river then next hand get QJ vs 99 small raise hit the Queen so shove and tthe 9 hit on the river and out Angry Disagree

ITM for $4.40

Waiting for next one in 2 weeks Cool

Same here, finished about 80th for 4$. I was in the top 10 for a while but then I only had 88, 77, 66 type of hands and I always had multiple callers when I raised. In the end I had to wait for the bubble to burst before I shove cause I only had 5-6 BB lol.

But that's poker, when it doesn't go your way you can just try to hold on for dear life! Blink

Transfered 30 USD to a friend so the 50$ deposit didn't cost me much.

Ill play the 5,50$ one too.


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