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New Cashout Option

Posted on 01 April 2016 by "T".
We are excited to reveal that we are about to add a new cashout option of Mob Points (can be earned by requesting bonuses, referring friends etc.) on BankrollMob. From tomorrow onwards, all our members will be able to exchange their mob points (no min/max cash out) to vouchers from, an international company that delivers its own candy brands right to your doorstep. To test th[...]   Read more » New Cashout Option

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I thought we can cashout via web money, lol.
I wish another leaderboard at Titan or Winner where I can play. I worried the leaderboard will be at Unibet/ Duck Poker / Mira / Good day for play Sad
Getting harder for me to get free bankroll via BRM

well then i read that the new cashout option is through i though that this was just too lame, when there is an obviously better candidate in our own rigorously tested "Candy Store", surely a cashout option through would be a better choice... mmmm fresh candy to your door...

Posted by pochui:
well then i read that the new cashout option is through i though that this was just too lame...

Last year news about belatus betting shops was better worded to be believable I think.
Take me to the Candy Shop though, BRM!

Yup. I actually thought when I first started reading this that the good guys at BRM were going to reference the Candy Store proprietored by ronin as the new currency, but alas no. It was a joke about something to do with sweets. I'm not sure (even if it were true) that I would want to cash out by way of sweets. That's just a waste.

Stepping into the Candy Factory is like stepping back into a time when going to a candy store was a special event. You will find treats to highlight a meal, a holiday, a special event or just to satisfy your craving. There is something for everyone.

Collect 15000 mobpoints and get a special "golden" ticket that is valid for one entry to the amazing world of a candy factory.

In this realm of sweetness you can find: sugar coated sour candy fish, blue jelly sharks, poker chips made out of chocolate. Boat rides with speakers in caramel rivers, playing bad beats. While you go down steam, you'll see cotton candy donkeys eating liquorish barracudas. After the boat ride you get out and jump into the chocolate waffle rockets and you will fly to the final table with 6 limping Ukrainians.

welcome to the sweet world of poker!

U didnt even make a regular cashout whats it gona take for min. cashout 15 days maybe more Big Smile , still waiting from 10.March and must play stupid jokerstars open league till u deside to PUSH THAT LITTLE RED BUTTON, and the copy of Poker Mira Leaderboard sucks big time - if its only 888 poker but russian site is no good ..... 4 poker and nothing in the calendar these days - nothing satisfying just one big borre-doom. SO here it comes BRM U READY : SugarBabes - Push the button

I wonder who the real joke is on...lmao....cause they still haven't paid any one with with cash out methods,they do have.... Worship Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Agree ...............Jokes on who? Big Smile Smile Agree

i like the one that Bowie mention " ill take YOU to the candy shop Ingreed, i let u lick the lolypop - come hit me dont u stop " Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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