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15 years ago playing cards: first , the Magic: The Gathering ; Now , the Texas Hold'em and other variants of possible game with the French deck . A " Maverick" of the digital age . It started with the boom of Internet poker to " print money " but soon realized that was not made to sit all day in a chair , and found in the circuit of live poker change needed hotels, luxury, women, travel the world, an almost perfect artificial life.
Ezeiza Airport . Hundreds of flights depart and arrive daily from and to destinations around the world. The environment is noisy . People do not cease to speak . Anxiety is drawn on the face of every traveler. Not in Jose Ignacio Barbero , Nacho known for . There would why. Who lives like a special event to take the bus every morning to go to work? The best Argentine player poker is minutes to board a plane for the thirtieth time this year . When someone holds only 29 years have been a dozen opportunities in Japan , to name just one exotic destination , the picture is complete.
As soon as the interview starts must ask you to please turn off your two cell : an iPhone and a Blackberry. In the first five minutes, they did not cease to issue warnings duet . Someone always has something to say . Or the company that sponsors , Pokerstars , the largest online poker site . Or your 4407 contacts on Facebook . Or someone who wants to take advantage nearest to know how that loved one who is now in his role as "star " spends only a couple of months a year in his native country.

Access to disconnect from the social world with kindness. He wants to do the interview. He is comfortable with the recognition , likes , feeds his ego. You need timely and confess : " To be the best , you have to creértela " .

Exuding confidence. That blind faith that everything will conjure his favor. Which is essential when you put all your chips in the middle of green cloth and your cards can mean that you win a million pesos in the next 60 seconds.

From boy Nacho was generating the necessary character to take risks. In the town of Campana, where he lived from life, he did what he wanted. That popular boy by his way of being extroverted also kept a freak side. The same that led him to visit comiquerías and one day start playing Magic: The Gathering (MTG) a collectible card game with a high dose of strategy comparable to chess. With the cards in the hands realized that had the advantage. That was always one step ahead of others. "Do not I can put a word. But I can explain. It is as if there are several levels of thought and I could be a step up in anticipation of the move and the rest. "
- Or is that card player born ...
- Yes. There are some natural talent that you have to polish with hours of practice and study. If you do not have it, you can compete but going to run from behind the rest.
And soon he saw others looking at him the number of the shirt. He began winning tournaments MTG and eventually became a member of the National Team. He began to compete abroad and to forge friendships elsewhere. One day, one of his friends offered him to move to France. And he accepted.

- Why did you take the decision to go to Argentina?
- It was the time of the crisis. The country was falling into the ravine. I studied law and I liked it, but inside had a hunch I had to do something else. When my friend called me, I could not escape the offer.
Supported by her parents, who were always on the ball, he puts together the bags. Little did I know French, but adapted quickly. He did not come to get a job but as living on borrowed time, he handed with little. Very different was the life of that Nacho, with two decades in tow, traveling hours in micro to compete in Capital Federal and stayed for days at friends' homes, often sleeping on mattresses on the floor.
Before his European concerns were bitter won thousands of dollars in tournament MTG. And it capped a couple more events. It stayed that way for a year until one night fate would make a wink.

- How did you start playing poker?
- I was living in Paris with a friend who was already playing poker online. I saw my friend win and said, "This is easy". So one night I borrowed the account. He would spend a few dollars, but I Cèbe and after a few hours I had lost everything, about 800 in total. All the money I had left were a thousand euros. It was made bag. I could not sleep. I remember I was turning in bed.
The next day I promised my friend to return the money in a few months. Luckily they became weeks because I started to win.

There was a time when he felt that printed money. He could play and online poker sites were full of "fish", a term used by the "sharks" to define those bettors who fill their coffers as if it were a food chain.
Tired of living outside, began to wonder and returned to Argentina. He rented an apartment in Recoleta and began to live like a dandy: expensive restaurants, designer clothes, beautiful women.

His skill in the digital world and his charisma in the social world caught the attention of Pokerstars, a kind of online casino to play poker. They offered to sponsor in exchange became representative of the brand. In addition to business with cards, Nacho is -high, thin, claros- fachero eyes, not afraid notes, photos, exposure. They did not have to think too much. And they not missed.

During the following years, he established himself as the best Argentine player and one of the best worldwide. He went on to win a couple of million dollars and lifting trophies image began to travel the world. The magazines offered their cards: Champion Latin American Poker Tour -the most prestigious tournament on the continent twice: Lima and Punta del Este in 2010; winner of the tournament for high rollers in London, also last year, 20 000 euros enrollment, 550 thousand euros first prize, and a few days ago, a second in an annual finals at the Conrad Casino Punta del Este and a check of $ 250,000 to his credit.
- What do you do with the proceeds?
- Part invest in business and use the rest to stay. I have a very expensive life level, about 15 thousand dollars a month.

15 thousand dollars a month translate into planes, distant destinations, five star hotels, a busy nightlife, and that jean, shirt and those shoes that you saw and quoted in euros.

The success brought him fame and unique experiences: sharing a VIP in Barcelona with Lionel Messi, or ride the most exclusive boat Monaco with Gaston Gaudio. It has refined tastes, characteristic that also applies in the women's field. During his stay in Buenos Aires he shared his time with a beautiful model on the rise.

Canchero smiles, but that laugh shyly hiding something, something of that neighborhood kid who turned kid's dream. He is happy, but strange, again. Long ago not to. Even when his father died a couple of years ago I stopped. Remember I was in Las Vegas, during the World Series of Poker, when he got the damn call. His dad was hospitalized and the picture of her illness had become critical. He took the first plane. He arrived in time. The father endured more than predicted, he spoke with his son and died a few minutes later.
Nacho volvió a Las Vegas. Su padre le pidió que lo hiciera.

Nacho returned to Las Vegas. His father asked him to.

Resiliency. Do not look back. Walk with your head high. He learned the lesson of the winner. As the quote from an advertisement for Nike decorating your Facebook profile she says: "Do the best. You can. And never look back. "

Look forward.

"I want a family, children. I want to fall in love. It is impossible to have a girlfriend traveling so much. I can not be with my loved ones. There are a thousand things I want and I can not do. For example, studying theater, I wish I could! Mind you, I'm not complaining. I love the life I have, it would be a thankless otherwise. But I think it's time to drop a change and establish myself in five years. "
Meets at exactly the axiom that what is not desired. But you can be assured that there are more who envy him.

Before, you need to reach your goal: the World Series bracelet. A gold medal obtained by winning any of the 50 events held each year for two months in Las Vegas. the best in the world there involved. The "barbers" from every corner of the planet. It is in pursuit of prestige. You prefer to money. But he acknowledges it is a convenient answer. "One comes with the other."

At least it is so in its universe of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts. A world that grows with billions of dollars that give a touch of glamor that once was an area destined to tahúres of little honor.

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.... Big Smile< We're gonna have to call you ol' Mr. Cut and Paste...! Confused

or better yet- i thought i was on drugs Big Smile

excuse me just speak Spanish and this is only in English


I 'm new to this sorry Confused

At least it is so in its universe of spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts

Nachos, guacamole, fajita, Corona, tequila, beautiful women, etc., I love them all.
But... what is the (hidden?) topic of this thread?

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At least I can practice read English Big Smile Big Smile

ooh ooh can it be Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, who was the first dude to create nachos (a tex-mex dish from northern Mexico. The dish is composed of tortilla chips (totopos) covered with cheese or cheese-based sauce, and is often served as a snack) in 1943? so is he the king nacho?


btw: didnt read LOL!

i have a feeling that king nacho might actually be Ignacio "Nacho" Monreal Eraso- a Spanish professional footballer who plays for English club Arsenal as a left back. He started playing with Osasuna in 2005, going on to appear in 144 official games over the course of five La Liga seasons. In 2011 he signed with Málaga and, two years later, joined Arsenal. hail the king.

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