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Please for the love of God, sort out your mobile app. It is absolutely atrocious.

Constantly getting disconnected when Internet connection is absolutely fine, shuts down for no reason around once an hour and have to log back in... missing vital hands in the process. Can't click time bank for some totally unknown reason... can't choose custom bets so constantly have to bet either 1/2, 3/4 or pot or open the clumsy and awkward box to type a bet on which again results in app crashing half the time. On at least 10 occasions in the last couple of weeks I've been logged out with a message saying that someone else has logged in with my details, despite me changing my password each time.

Those are just the technical issues... there's then the fact that Omaha is not available (how difficult can it be?), it's only possible to play one game at a time and when you type a message only for someone to go all in in the meantime, it deletes your message as well as not sending it. Whyyyyyyy? It's so frustrating. The tourney filters are next to useless... I can't view my tournament tickets... seriously... the list goes on and on and on.

Please invest what would surely be a very small amount of money to improve your app. It's just not good enough.

Thanks for your time... a reply would be appreciated.

Rich Tranter

Yout85. Good luck with this but well done for raising these issues with 888. I have noticed some of these issues, particularly the time bank which just sits there and does nothing. It used to work but since the upgrade there is no additional time response. I also experience regularly with 888 a delay at the river card when two players are all in..... And invariably the highest stack wins. I may just be imagining this, but it's a pretty lucid imagination. Only playing one screen is also frustrating and some of the lesser sites have resolved this issue and for many Omaha is still a no go zone.

Let us know if you get a response.


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It is a very nice mail that you wrote them but i am afraid that there answer will be.

We are very sorry for the problems that you pointed to us and this matter have been reported to the department involved.

888 have a good customer services they will probably give you some tournaments tickets. Question Question

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It's just such a shame... I really like 888, but there are so many simple improvements they could make that they seem reluctant to do.

I want to try and get top 30 on the sharkscope leaderboards for MTTs.... this year for number of tournaments played and next year profit.... but their android app is an unneeded hindrance.

It is well known that these things (apps, softwares whatever u need 4 online gambling etc.) are rarely coded in a professional enviroment, rather than some off-shore shell company hires students from different tech universities to deliver some stuff on a barely functioning template (which probably was already a rush job made by some underpayed 'tech genies' in India or Singapore) and be gone with it until it does not crash on them every minute.
It's called profit maximalising.
They won't do anything until their traffic on their app won't justify making steps further and they won't gett much mobile traffic until they won't get the f*ckin app into shape.
It's Catch 22 all over.

I have played all of the top four Poker sites for the IPhone and the worst is 888 Poker sometimes the game freezes if you are inactive not touching the screen for awhile you have to log back in. Full Tilt isn't bad only problem if you win a deal freeroll sat ticket there is no option to play it when viewing the sit n go tab. Party Poker app runs smooth on the IPhone but on the tablet to slow and choppy. Hands down best app is PokerStars only app where you can run multiple games and have access to Poker School and best sofware as usual Blink Thumbs Up

maybe i can b helpful, thing is u have to shut down all the work in progress on your mobile / tablet / tamaguchi Tongue , refresh it few times before u start playing and then it will work flawlessly - i had the same problem - it gets overheated too fast, that means no facebook, whats up tweety and set. all must be shut down.

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