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Desided that im gona move over there, start from scratch, find myself a new job and appartment. And i think its gona b a good thing since i would b near one big Poker event, but next year i plan to play in Dublin live tourny - that means if everything goes according to my plans. Plus i could register at Party Poker which i couldnt do here in Croatia so i will b joining ya all in the Leaderboard soon Cool Thumbs Up . Plus i wanted to see that city and drink Guinness beer till it knocks me out Big Smile . REALLY LOOKING FOWARD TO FIND MYSELF THERE Smile

Great bro, and good luck to ya Big Smile
I really like the Irish people, and their country, dont care much bout the Scots or the Brits, is the irish i love Big Smile its mainly coz we had both tough time in the past, lots of wars and suffering.
But that said, unlike the brits or scots, this guys are similar to us, balkan people, they hate everyone including them self Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile they also have great sence of humor, and a foul mouth like us Big Smile
And theres another phenomenon, its called irish hair, thats why its easy to spot the irish anywhere Big Smile
So good luck to ya bro, hope u make it there, and hope u get to play that tournament they got there every year Thumbs Up

Thanx SBEP, i had a lot of lol watching the video Thumbs Up yep Irish people are cool.

Good Luck und lass die Mädchen in ruhe Cool

good luck, hope you make there some serious $ also good luck at IPT dublin Blink

lol Teiwaz im not a pervert, well only after few beers and maybe Jack Daniels Evil Big Smile , thanx 4 good wishes Blink and u 2 Sthep - maybe i dont make it to Exit this year - but will see , u never know what tommorow brings and im the clear example of it, always was always will b Big Smile Thumbs Up u to dawwwwwg take care and thanx.
Thumbs Up Worship

BankrollMob Forum » Off-Topic » Ireland here i come

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