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Never been more angry after busting  0   
Absolutely livid.

$1 rebuy on 888... I'm in the top 10 throughout. 45 people paid and when there's 55 left I'm in 4th with 178,000.... Player gets moved to my right with 100,000. He folds every hand until he's under the gun and min raises to 10,000. I shove all in with AK and he snap calls me with K7, hits the 7 on the flop and beats me. I'm down to just under 80k. He then folds everything again until there are 47 people left... utg again he min raises. I have QQ so shove my 68,000 all in... another player calls and he calls too.. close to 200k in the pot. The flop comes K37... he bottom bets, other player folds and he has KQ... no miracle turn or river and I'm out in 47th and he's chip leader.

Seriously.... wtf?

These are the moments where you should not get angry at all, since you really have no power over somebody else's stupidity nor luck so my advice would be that just embrace the 'chaos' and try not to get worked up too badly on moments like this.

I can take someone spiking a two outer on the river, or hitting a one outer straight flush to beat my flopped nut flush.... or hitting runner runner four of a kind to beat my flopped aces full... without getting angry.

But this really really angered me.

Now after a little googling I notice that online poker is illegal in Azerbaijan - the country he was playing from.

report him 4 death penalty or life in prison Cool Cool on a more serious note , i feel ya but theres really nothing you can do against these types of players. maybe ask him to play huds for 50$ a game Tongue

Well I rarely get angry... but even when I do, I quickly calm down Smile

I'm just waiting for the tournament to finish now, so I can find out the guys name and check his stats to make me feel better about myself Big Smile

I just emailed 888 to ask if they accept players from Azerbaijan. If they say yes, I'll ask for at least $50 compensation or else I'll report them to Mr Aliyev. If they say no... I'll ask for at least $50 compensation for getting knocked out by a player who shouldn't have been there.

Smart guy that yout85 dude! Blink

Posted by yout85:
I just emailed 888 to ask if they accept players from Azerbaijan. If they say yes, I'll ask for at least $50 compensation or else I'll report them to Mr Aliyev. If they say no... I'll ask for at least $50 compensation for getting knocked out by a player who shouldn't have been there.

That is the funniest thing i have heard in a long time.
I have read what happened and to tell you frankly, you are overreacting.

By the way i have never threatened/blackmailed a poker site before, let me know if you get a compensation, i might try it in the future. Blink

I'm not blackmailing at all.

Just had an interesting conversation with support...which ended too fast for me to take a screenshot of the final reply, as I was immediately booted from the conversation.

Following the last screenshot they said I hope you're happy with our support today, if you have any other questions please call the toll number... then booted me.

Oops... read from right to left

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You will probably feel better to get it out of your mind but IMO you will never receive compensation from them.

I am playing almost only freeroll or small entry tournaments and i have seen many times lost against kind of players that made you so mad.

I have played on 888 and it is full of donkeys specially because most of there promotions freerolls are hyper turbo and peoples wants to get a good stack very fast then they call with any cards.

They are so use to play like this the just continue in any other kind of games.

However best of luck in your challenge. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

It's not the fact that he was being a donk pinotte... it's the fact he shouldn't be allowed to play. If I was beaten by a 15 year old playing illegally, I'd expect compensating. This is no different.

The fact that this guy was in this tournament for 4 hours before deciding to put everything on the line with K7 and then going on to finish 4th is irrelevant.

Also irrelevant, although extremely funny, is the fact that the guys name links to a gay porn site.... people really should be more careful using the same name for different... questionable things. Shock


Go see this link.

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I know very hurt busted like that against same player doing bad, I ever lost 3 times against same player. Really worst feeling I got.
But for you ,yout85, forget it soon, with your capability you will get much better prize so ignore this accident. I wish your emotion recover soon Smile

... Big Smile< First up.... There's NOthing more I despise than those 'snap callers'... Thumbs Down They just irritate me with that crap,...and makes me want to "get 'em" for some reason...! ....but a COMPLETE Moron like THAT with THAT junk...??? Just makes me want them even

... Big Smile< Secondly,...most will disagree with me,...but AK is very deceptive pocket to have because it is basically a hand that is 'nothing' (according to *The Daniel) that gives you WAY too much confidence and a sense of power...!

... Big Smile< I have consistently been keeping track of every AK I've gotten for years whether involved in the hand being played or not ,...and MOST of the time it leads to a losing hand... probably 90% or so of the time AK wil get you into trouble....!!!

.. Big Smile< I never would have shoved that,...even head's up,....ESPECIALLY that close to the money...!

*The Daniel,.....Negraneau that is...! Once asked about AK,...he replied..." What's AK...? AK is nothing...!"

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K7?????? where they at least suited??? if no then, wow, woooooooooooow what t a donk, to bad u could not take him out with the AK...
I really dont know how this donks make it that late in the game, they must run pure, lucky as fak, to make it that far...
It happens bro, and theres not much a guy/girl can do, except find where the faker lives, go there blow him away, and come back Big Smile
But ill tell you what, as soon as u start playin big buyin tournaments, u dont get to see these fak face`s again, i dont care how many fish`s and bingo players play at freerolls, u dont see them at tournaments where they have to actually pay to play Big Smile

A few people have tried to reason with you yout85 but it seems like you are not ready to listen to anyone not in sync with what you believe to be right.

I am willing to move to your side. Go for the jugular, contact poker888 support right now and threaten to bring them to court if they won't give you the compensation you deserve.

Let's join hands together and create a list of all illegal players from all poker games on all platforms who should not have been playing for one reason or another.

Together we can make them review all the results of said games and adjust all the results.

Who knows maybe in the end you might owe the pokersite money. Remember all the times you won and did not check the other players eligibility. Maybe he was underage, maybe he was multiaccounting, maybe it was a bot, maybe he was playing from an ineligible country. All those winnings will have to be returned.

But who cares? Let's bring poker888 to court. Blink

Ahhhh.... people seem to be missing the point.

It was annoying to get knocked out, but I want to be called with K7 and KQ when I shove with AK and QQ respectively. I'm not suggesting anything underhand was taking place by either the player or the site in terms of "setting it up".

I do find it odd however that sites, including bankrollmob btw according to the bonus eligibility page, allow players to register and play despite it being illegal.

The initial anger was because of the awful play that eliminated me so close to the money, when I was playing my absolute A game and really felt a big win coming up. As I've said I can quickly and easily forget that...

But getting knocked out by someone who should not be eligible to play is another thing entirely, and their reluctance to give me any sort of explanation as to why he was able to play there annoys me further.

If I was Serena Williams and I got knocked out of a tournament by Novak Djokovic, I'd be very annoyed because he shouldn't have been playing there.


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Online poker is illegal in the Netherlands as well, but it doesn't stop us from playing on, depositing to or withdrawing from any sites as far as I know. I'm sure there are more countries like that, with the government turning a blind eye.
In fact poker winnings are tax free here.
You may be on a wild goose chase here...

Yeah marqis... after a bit of searching it seems that technically it's illegal virtually everywhere other than the UK Shock

Well... whatever... forget and move on Smile

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