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Here are some results of my play on this daily freeroll on Party Poker.
I won't give the hands details just the date and results.

Mar.26 My Hand K K vs K 10o i lost to a straight

Mar.29 My Hand K K vs J J i lost to a set on the river

Mar.30 My Hand K K vs A 4o i lost to a flush 4 clors on the board

Apr.06 My Hand A A vs 7 8s i lost to two pairs on flop

Apr.07 My hand A A vs J 2s I lost to a flush.

I just don't know how to make leaderboard points. Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

i told you, stop playing KK Big Smile

you are very unlucky, pinotte. guess it wont help you, but lately i have been unlucky aswell .. and those i won with pocket AA/KK/QQ were small pots.

not sure if you want my advice, but freerolls i would play this way:

big bets with KK (and i mean it, 1/3 of your stack is ok or even morelol). no ace on board or possible flush draw? move allin.

someone in front of you limps, minbets, raise, reraise or whatever = move allin. (leave the usual reraises)

same with AA: move allin, no worry someone will call with Ax. as soon your vs 2, 3 players your hand is no more ahead.

just my 2 cents from a beginner Smile

.... Shock< OUCH pinotte....!!! I see you bombed early...! I made it to 33rd.... Confused

... Big Smile< I have an idea for you... Maybe *late* register with 2 minutes to go...! That'll shake things up a bit,....and you'll be 60% of the way to the cash dodging the majority of das donkenfesten...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

another idea...

you have the same name on PP as on BRM ?

stop posting your hands. whoever sit on a table with you is gonna think "ahhh, its just pinotte, easy to crack his big pockets" Big Smile


Again it all comes down to luck in these and the luck will change gotta play those hands more aggressive 3 5 bet raises today I played loose and finished 4th 65 limp got Quads near the final table bubble folded QJ against a 3 bet folded the nut straight not happy with a disconnect on the final table prob folded 5 hands GL.


... Big Smile< GOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo pinotte...!!!

... Big Smile< Mmmm.....I see our friend Monsieur pinotte is sort of KILLIN' it today...!

... Big Smile< Git 'er dun pinotte...git 'er dun...!!!! Big Smile Thumbs Up

I'm was starting to feel like PINOTTE yesterday, to the point that I gave up and went to bed. Today i am the king of poker and ....... No I'm not really, but it's just a pushy holiday way of preventing myself getting pizzed off with losing to remarkable improbability. There are times when this must happen even to the greats like, negreanu, dwan, Marqis, PokerKing!

I also had a 'pinotte-day' yesterday, losing with my AA to 23.

Posted by damosk:
There are times when this must happen even to the greats like, negreanu, dwan, Marqis, PokerKing!

I don't know who these Negreanu and Dwan characters are, but I feel both honored and undeserving to be mentioned alongside PokerKing... Big Smile

Like my hands on yoker stars Big Smile

PP rng may be treat you better soon dont give up, anyway dont let too much player to the pot if you have good hand raise more pfr

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