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I was just wondering can someone "who wants to earn 10 MOB Points" Tongue Big Smile tell me what are the benefits of registration at Party Poker. I plan to register when i hit Ireland. Do i get some tickets for tournys, something like FT Welcome tournys where maybe. Little info before i do this. I would appreciate it.

not sure if BRM has a deal with PP, check it out your self. my girl registered on PP, you get $10 cash and $10 TT when you sign up with PP and the usual deposit bonus up to XXX. you have to deposit at least $20 to get all this.

just check out PP your self. lenjo kuce Smile

k T3ddy thanks Thumbs Up Worship - it all sound very good to me and with this money from BRM cashout i intend to register.


"what are the benefits of registration at Party Poker"

if you are a micro grinder there are:

sit n go's for very cheap: like 11 and 22 cents DoN
tournies for cents

if you like to play big tournies, they are there as well, but only way less as it's bigger competitors.
still some decent though.

the only problem is sometimes there are not much people at certain times, but that totally depends what games you like.

missions are nice too, you can earn some dollars, only some mission rewards are deposit bonuses and grinding the points for rake can be tricky and long.

Good Luck understanding Irish people, they talk in a cryptic code.


nah i think i wouldnt aim big right at the start, first i have to get to know the competiton, software and the lobby first. Think i would just play the leaderboard 4 start. TY Ingrind33 Heart Thumbs Up

A bit early checking for this now.Bbetter time will be when you will be there, in ireland Smile
Things may have changed by then, plus the promotions and offers might be different,
if they have localized ones.
So get there first Smile

truly hope so and thnx 4 support Mober Thumbs Up Blink

UUUfffff brate gde da pocnem, ajde sa pocetka Big Smile BRM has some good freerolls there and im not talking bout the daily freeroll, the one on sunday its the best one they have there, 200 in the pot plus about 60 players play it every time, i cant play them, and let me tell you i wish i can, its the only reason i made an acc. there but i faked up by registering there, and i can not play them now, but u make sure your acc. gets tracked to BRM so u can play those freerolls, they are good, fast way to make easy money Big Smile
What else, they have a very good and a lot of choice to bet on sports, which i use that option very often Big Smile
Also they have good promos on their site, where u can make easy points or some cash that u dont need to do anything else for them, u just get`em on your acc.
Thats about all i know on PP bro, good luck there Big Smile


... Big Smile< The word that comes to mind is.... 'Glitches'.... tons and tons of constant glitches....!

... Big Smile< "How do I glitch thee?,...let me count the ways..."

... Big Smile< But for SOME strange reason unbeknownst to me,'s my favorite site...! Smile Thumbs Up

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