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Mmmmmmm... Funny Thing Happened On The Way....  0 the....! You know the old saying...!

... Big Smile< So last night for some reason klash23 came to mind out of the blue and I thought to myself that we hadn't seen HER for a long time....!

... Big Smile< So I just go to check the Mob Safe,....and low and behold....:

Past 5 Winners
Date User Code Prize
4/9/2016 klash23 254 $30
4/8/2016 sshtolts79 255 $40
4/6/2016 JorAxe 419 $30
4/4/2016 denis80 446 $30
4/3/2016 rad620 115 $20

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Out of the shadows of the darkness, once considered lost forever, with the sound of the mob safe cracking, KLASH appears, with arms full of cash and runs off down the street and into further darkness. How bizarre that the new number was one below the previous number.

Ha Ha......Yes my lucky night last night!!! SmileI did see that 255 had won and thought so very close but as I had been using 254 since my last win I had to continue. Big Smile
I have also noticed that Demo has been very lucky on the safe lately!!!
I also saw an "interesting" post discussing the war in the Balkans...... Blink
I have been around and still had a crack at the safe most days but haven't had a lot of spare time lately so no writing on the forum........
.......Strangely since I have not been writing on the forum I have had zero wins on the calendar yet when posting every day I was consistently winning at least twice a month.
I am going to try and enter the PP tournie tonight so if anyone has already registered then just give it a miss as I will be winning it!!

First of all grats on your win Thumbs Up and second of all - the war is temporary over - we desided to move all the fight on the poker tabel Tongue Big Smile where we gona use chips as a missile and ammunition Big Smile

... Big Smile< AH-HA...!!! There's klash...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< ....You just suddenly dissapeared,... I though maybe that you got into it with Her Royal Icyness at a table somewhere,...and she suddenly had a 'Who's the Fairest in the Land...' moment,.....and then had you dispatched...!!! Shock

The Balkans topic did get a lot of you guys very fired up!!!I always try and remember that after a war the victors tend to be the ones that write the history and if you have lived through it all you are going to have a very different idea to what is reported in the western media.....I am glad it is all resolved now....I mean the war between Demo and friends not former Yugoslavia. Smile

... Big Smile< Your point is TOTALLY valid Klash... Even though war isn't exactly a pleasant thing,'s understandable how and why disputes happen...and events lead to conflict...! It's the way the universe works...!

....BUT, point there wasn't about the 'war',...$h!t happens,....My point was about the conviction and sentencing of a man who chose to cross a line and commit genocide.

Think of the importance of that... Genocide, Genome, Genetics, Genes.... He tried to wipe out a 'gene pool'...and he got off easy BECAUSE we're the West...

... Big Smile< Look how the Ceaucescus were dealt with next door a few years earlier... They got shoved out back behind the courthouse and machine gunned for everybody to see...

... Big Smile< there's a difference.... In the West we would have at MOST just intern them in a camp....and probably even get satellite TV and the food of their ethnicity... Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< As far as the media you speak of....I totally agree,....with some exceptions...! There are credible, independant, unbiased, or non-propagandized sources out there...!

...The guy chose to line up thousands of people at the edge of pits and machine gun them to death....! This is totally undefencible behaviour...!

... Big Smile< I followed that war back in the day and remember what was going on reasonably well...!...But NOwhere near what folks were experiencing who lived there....!

Edited by demodawggy (10 April 2016 @ 16:52 GMT)

I watch quite a lot of news and what really annoys me is when there is some disaster or a terror attack we get continuous stories,non stop for a couple of days and then nothing whatsoever.
As for independent unbiased news I just don't think there is any in the mainstream,the problem to me isn't really what they report it is what they NEVER tell us.


... Big Smile< True klash... The mainstream stuff is just a diet of junk info-tainment it seems...! But there are exceptions such as our CBC over here or your BBC,..but even more so,'s the public broadcasting stuff you want like PBS in the U.S.

... Big Smile< Pretty much anything that has commercials between segments, or ads on their pages, know is going to be bought and paid for and controlled by the great Satan....Corporate America....! Big Smile< lolollololo...

The BBC not biased?????bloody hell Demo I nearly choked on my dinner at that!!The BBC seems to be just full of left wing luvvies obsessed with political correctness.
They are so scared of offending anyone the don't call ISIS terrorists in case that offends and they don't want to offend Islam by calling them Islamic State so they call them-in every news report-"The so called Islamic State". Smile

... Big Smile< maybe so klash in some instances,....but their reporting on events is usually factual and unbiased....! And if you want to go deeper into the BBC,..they produce or co-produce some of the best documentaries both for TV and radio...

I listen to 'CBC Radio Overnight',...and many of the shows are BBC co produced,...including one I listen to everynight at 2:00am called PRI The World... Public Radio Intl/WGBH Boston/BBC co-production...Top notch stuff...

Also docs like 'Frontline' and 'Independant Lens' and various others on PBS....

... Big Smile< And amazingly enough,...a lot of truths can be found on comedy news shows like 'The Daily Show w/Trevor Noah,...or especially Real Time w/Bill Maher on HBO...! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< There's also the garbage stations like CNN and FOX,...but CNN in particular seems to have an accessible feed from just about any place on Earth in real time if ya wanna see what's going on during a big event,... Other than that....they're just cheezy rubbish...

Edited by demodawggy (12 April 2016 @ 23:38 GMT)

I am glad that you are enjoying the BBC demo......I am always glad to pay for other peoples enjoyment. Smile
There is a BBC show called W1a which the BBC produced as a comedy but the opinion of anyone who worked at the BBC is that is really how they run themselves.
Another thing some foreign people forget is that every UK household with a tv has to pay £145...($205) and I know I would definitely prefer to have the choice.
In 2015 180,000 people were prosecuted for no TV licence and they can be fined fined up to £1000.If you can't afford to pay the fine you can go to jail. Smile

Posted by klash23:
I am glad that you are enjoying the BBC demo......I am always glad to pay for other peoples enjoyment. Smile

... Big Smile< roflmfgdao...... Tongue Big Smile Thumbs Up Heart'n it...

Smile This could sound like I am slagging off the BBC but I think it is a good thing to have overall-they waste a lot of money and it is very bloated with overpaid execs but I think their overseas broadcasting has to be a good thing for the UK and the world......Also I know it is available in the US and anything that educates Americans has to be a good thing,they will also realise that not everyone speaks like the royal family or Hugh Grant!! Smile

wow i didnt notice that kind of game where should i find that tell me some good news mobsters so i can help my family and earn some for tuition fee of my son hehhehe .i wasnt not updated about it ok then good post of you.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It is pretty amazing to think that in the UK one has to pay £145 to receive digital signals to watch the BBC when one also receives digital broadcast signals to watch almost 1000 other channels at varying prices, including for free for some of them. I wonder whether anyone really still understands the concept and relative importance of the BBC or wheth that has long since vanished and it should be pushed open to self funding and public choice. They did away with dog licences back in the day and that made no difference. It all just harks back to a day about 60 years ago when to didn't really exist and it was a bit of a luxury. Do I want to pay for the BBC? Not really!

Maybe instead of wasting all this time and effort on the EU referendum there should be one on whether we still pay for the BBC but I think we would know where that result would go.I think these days we should be given the choice and then all the luvvies who just lurvvvve the BBC could then pay for it themselves. Smile

We do have a here CBC in English and in French that is finance by the government. We don't pay a licence like yours but the money given to them is coming from the peoples taxes which come to the same except that since it is not a special licence then we just don't realize and know how much we are paying for this.

And here i don't want to compare our CBC to your BBC that is know and viewed all over the world. Smile

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