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Could you explain me what is your difference between slow play and trapping.

IMO it means the same think in poker and here is what i found in Wikipedia.

Slow playing (also called sandbagging or trapping) is deceptive play in poker that is roughly the opposite of bluffing: betting weakly or passively with a strong holding rather than betting aggressively with a weak one. The flat call is one such play. The objective of the passive slow play is to lure opponents into a pot who might fold to a raise, or to cause them to bet more strongly than they would if the player had played aggressively (bet or raised). Slow playing sacrifices protection against hands that may improve and risks losing the pot-building value of a bet if the opponent also checks.

I think my understanding is this:

Slow playing is having a decent starting hand such as AA, limping in etc and appearing weak.
Trapping is having a monster such as 4 of a kind and letting your oppo bet into you by appearing weak.

The difference being, in the first example you never really know where you are in the hand.
That isn't to say I am right, but that is how I use the terms

I agree with you that you can use the term you want without being right.

The Wiki definition of slow play make no difference between slow play and trapping.

I also know that slow playing with A A is a lot more dangerous than with four of a kind the only difference is that you could loose more often with A A. Agree Agree

My understanding would be that you trap with the nuts, or something close to it... but slowplay top pair, top kicker for example.

Also... it's not really possible to trap preflop... so limping aces is slowplaying... checking a flopped four of a kind is trapping.

Just google difference of slow play and trapping and you will see.

Don't tell me that they are all wrong when they say it is the same think. Aww crap! Aww crap!

... Big Smile< I think that Her Icyness and Her Loyal 'minion', yout, are pretty much correct here. Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< I always slow play aces unless somebody shoves preflop,...then I'll call regardless of the number of folks in on the hand...!

... Big Smile< I tend to prefer just *min* raising after the flop, or just 'call' any raises. It may narrow the field, and build a bigger pot...! ....and timing is important too... No snap raises or anything like that... Continue to appear weak and indecisive,...but maybe like you're trying to 'steal' the pot...!

... Big Smile< Make an assessment after the flop, turn, river.

... Big Smile< Remember, can always shove or bail and get out of the hand if things look dangerous for you,...but you never really want to bail out..! If the board looks dangerous on the flop or turn....Shove...! It's better to take a few less chips than to get clobbered...!

... Big Smile< I saw a short interview with Hellmuth about 5 years ago about how he loves to trap folks. "Leave a little bit of cheese,...then another little bit of cheese, then another,....then another,...then spring the trap on the river...! ...or earlier if neccessary...! *The min raises are the little bits of cheese you lay out for the mouse...!

... Big Smile< That's why I always prefer to slow play 'em...! Maximized extraction...relatively safely...! I've kept track,...and for me it works the vast majority of the time...

... Big Smile< Hellmuth is such a babbling idiot Big Smile ...but he's pretty much my favorite player... Big Smile< Go figure...!

... Big Smile< Incidentally,...I googled 'Phil Hellmuth cheese',...and the top search is for 'Phil Hellmuth cheeseburger salesman'..... Big Smile< lol....and it's SO f'ing hilarious watching him and Tony G constantly going at it...!!!

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"but slowplay top pair, top kicker for example"

i would call that pot control

Big Smile


... Big Smile< ...Here's another way to look at it.... Some of you older mobbits will remember THIS guy...!

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