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For those of you who don't already know, I'm planning a double assault on the Sharkscope leaderboards, this year and next.

The goal this year is to be inside the top 30 for "count" on "scheduled" on 888 on December 31st... with the hope that that will set me up to go for top 30 for "profit" on "scheduled" on 888 next year.

The player currently in 30th for count has played just under 1,000 games so far this year... which is roughly 10 per day on average. I've currently played just over 100, so I have some catching up to do, but should be no trouble... I've played 20 today, and I don't even have the roll to play all the games I want to.

The profit one next year will be much tougher... as it will likely need to be upwards of $50k profit for the year needed, meaning I'll have to be in a position to play some of the higher buy in tournaments.

But I'm confident on all scores Smile

I want to be playing off a $2,000 bankroll throughout next year... and would also like to be withdrawing regularly this year while building up to that.

Roughly a $5 profit today from the 20+ tournaments played, with a couple of annoying near misses for good cash... but this year is all about slowly building, and volume, volume, volume.

I'll post updates daily... first update to follow as soon as I'm done with these last 2 freerolls I'm in.

G'day mate

Just want to wish you all the very best!
Truly hope you achieve your goal.
Please do keep us posted.
be cool

Ronin Cool

Done for the day now...

19 tournaments played, $5.25 in profit, leaving my bankroll at $25.25

I'll continue to play all non-rebuys up to $3 until I'm over $100, then will start adding more and more rebuys into the mix.

Could have been a whole lot better, but satisfied with day number one working towards this goal.

Getting a profit for the day is the best thing you can do.
You are accumulating points or rewards wherever you play so this adds up Smile

Be careful not to rush hitting your goal. Good luck with it.

ok nice to hear that news from u and hope for a great start /sure i will follow what so ever update so make just be lucky with all the games u have goodluck guys have fun aways... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

jeez and im still happy when i win a decent pot at nl4 Big Smile

gl with your challenge yout ! and keep us updated, at least when you win your first micromillions tourney, or something like that one Tongue

Nice target yout85 and on 888 this will also increase your club status pretty quickly so it's a win win situation. I hope you are able to keep up your ambition and get the number of games in that you need and catch up,with your target position in not too long a time. Keep us posted with how it's going.

So now ALREADY I'm questioning my own plans...

I started playing the mtts again this morning at like 4am or something, and played through till around 4pm.... playing 15 or so tournaments along the way... it was one of those sessions where things were going smoothly... until it actually mattered. At crucial points in most of the tournies, things didn't go my way (some hilariously so)... so I finished around $10 down from my $25 worth of buy ins.

Anyway, here's where things get interesting.

I started talking to a friend of mine.. a friend I know through poker, and who's poker opinions I value GREATLY. I explained what I was doing... what my goals were... and he told me straight up not to do it.

He explained (I think correctly now that I think about it) that if I'm going to be spending that much time each day playing the MTTs, I'd be much better off rewards wise and money wise, to multi table zoom tables (or whoosh, vroom, shhhhhhuuuuummm or whatever the f**k they call it on 888). His reasoning being that starting with such a small bankroll makes the mtt idea a very risky one... and one that's likely to make me wait for any good to come from it. On cash.... the rewards are instant.

So anyway, to cut a long story (slightly) short(er)... I hit the $0.01/0.02 snap tables, 3 of them to be precise... and stayed there for the next... 5 (?) hours... I lost track of time. But by the time I sat out, I'd worked my $15 up to just over $30... progressed from level 40 to level 43, winning 8 of those gold rush tickets along the way.

So now I need to decide how to continue. My aim is to get money. Not glory. So maybe my original idea was a tad narcissistic...

So I'll try sticking to the snap tables for a while instead, and completely disregard my leaderboard plan.

I'll be playing 3 tables of $0.01/0.02 until I have at least 50 buy in for the next level... which is $250 then hopefully continue moving on up from there.

Let's see how long I stick to this until a better idea crops up Smile

Goodluck on your journey my friend , i have to say i think mutli tabling the zoom/rush/vroom whatever will be better for you bankroll wise. keep your head cool on those tables and you can reel in a decent profit for your plays. kind regards jeffaboy :3

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Cash tables will give you a relatively steady result, where MTTs are more up and down. But I would think that playing so many of them would completely remedy that. Then it becomes more a question of suits you better.

Would your edge not be greater playing MTT? Maybe you should try both and compare your hourly rate...

I think I am a better MTT player than cash player... but I also think that if I was to play a few thousand hands each day I would close that gap pretty quickly.

The conclusions drawn from my discussion with my friend, is that my hourly will be much lower to begin with if I stuck to the MTT route, but would even out later on. Ie... at the low buy in level of Snap, my hourly will be higher than my hourly on low level buy in MTT... but once I have the roll for higher level MTTs, I'd likely make more there than on Snap. I'm thinking Snap for the rest of the year and then MTTs next year maybe.

Posted by yout85:
So now ALREADY I'm questioning my own plans...
Let's see how long I stick to this until a better idea crops up Smile

I would have say good luck and all, but now that your plans about this seems to be changing day in day out all I can say is have a nice try on whatever you choose - hopefully it will result in money.

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