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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to Damosk who managed to finished third callie in 11th. and me in 8Th. I could have made better but lost a very big hand with Q Q vs A K and the K it. I came back enough to make final table and this hand i had 10 10 with a raise in front i shoved we open and he show 9 9 and of course the 9 came and that was it for me. However 8th. is not to bad and there will be another next week. Smile Smile

it was a good show this week,pinotte you were kicking it early but lost a big pot with the suckout ,i was watching your table when you had the QQ,it was unlucky,DamosK came back from the dead,nice result buddy,Ilost the FT with a A-J push against a boy who was calling with any 2 and when i go he had A-K...gutted again....well done on the FT DamoSk and pinotte,enjoyable night... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Congratulation damosk, callie (mikeyeleven ? ), and you pinotte. Looks like you got more ITM Smile good improvement, I wish that will continue and I will be glad hear another good news from you.
Good luck

Well done guys and thank you. At one stage pretty early on, I was sitting 55th out of 55 and looking upwards. It was at that point I first looked at the leaderboard and saw PINOTTE stretching his legs way out on front. I managed to squeeze past the bubble (getting there was an achievement) and then hit a few great opportunities and got right amongst it, and suddenly saw PINOTTE fly back down the table with a huge loss. Before I knew it we were on FT and it was a very strategic one at that. A few more really good opportunities came along and with patience made third place. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. See y'all next week.

Congrats! Good result damosk!
Good to see Pinotte back in form too... Thumbs Up
I finished just outside the money, but was left with a good feeling about yesterday, for winning another micro MTT (1st out of 143, but 1st prize was only $6.75 for $0.22 buy-in).

I considered playing the sunday storm, but I'm not much for multi tabling, and I prefer the BRM freeroll...

Congratulations to all the winners. pinotte you did good this time Smile with a nice prize.
marqis stayed out, but he had a win again with not a bad profit too Thumbs Up
You can handle two tables marqis easy. Unless you are extremely happy at the moment,
like ingrid does many times Smile

Hey guys!

Lost to a beautiful Q8 off suit yesterday, my 99 didn't hold... Blink I'm not taking poker too seriously lately and my results aren't very serious either. lol. I'm just trying to break my machine image by doing shitty moves... Blink

Good luck and have fun next week mobsters

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