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hello...what do you guys think about people that go on a poker table and thay db up
there money then take off the people that love to win and run i just wanna no what other people think about that?

is that rude to win and run or not..i no about 60% of the people always get mad lol


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Heads up it is bad etiquette. In a normal ring game no one should complain about it. If this guy is playing short stack strategy he has to leave as it do not work with a 40BB+ stack.

If you play SS Strategy your buy in is 20 big blinds.
In no limit Holdem 10 blinds 0,05/0,10 your buy in is 2$.
In no limit Holdem 25 blinds 0.10/0,25 your buy in is 5$

This strategy only works if you have 7 contrary and only play high starting hands.
If you won and have 25 big blinds you have to leave. It`s a hard job, but it works LoL

It isn`t rude, it is poker with strategy

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i have posted about this,and it does work,i do go casino people do it to,play 3 4 hands win and leave,way it is.part of the game,online who cares,you only a name on the screen,theres no ettiqite.

I think its fine, if you dont like this you can always play tourns or SnGs, a little rude on HU, but poker is not about being friendly or etiquette its about winning and keeping that winnings.

I dont think it its bad etics. Everyone play there bankroll there own way. And as mentioned your only a name on the screen. your place will soon be filled.
I HU i can think its kind of bad.
Once i played a HU up match Having one of my bader days losing. But we both bought in with about 500$ When i was down to 100$ the other guy sat out. And then said in chat he wouldnt continue playing if i didnt buy in again. That is very bad etics i think

i think it's ok and i maybe did it b4.....can't
long time no play in the poker room...... Aww crap!
will join back after i get the free bonus from vulcan poker...... Cool

its no problem for me. Earlier i play on short stack strategy and i can understand their.

short stack strategy is very good to keep any money Big Smile Dollar Dollar and to increase your bankroll Blink good luck at the tables Thumbs Up

It's no rude... i'ts just a style of playing, but i admit i can't really stand it. I'm working on discipline so i have to control my emotions and keep on playing as i know

well, i just have 2 objectives in poker: win and respect all the players!!
so, lots off people play with a short stack, it is their strategy, i also made it already, i think we need respect that strategy.

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