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Fast and Furious new begining lol :D  +1   
lol just few minutes ago entered cash game 0.1c / 0.2c with 1.25 $ buy in went out with 2.5$ then right after cash game again 0.2c / 0.5c same 2.5$ i won - went out with 4.75 then again in few seconds enterd 0.5 / 0.10 cents and walked out with 13.05 Smile . Damn im fast Big Smile - gona change my user name into Fasty Furry Big Smile

Good job bro, keep it up, not much to say, well have to write something to get them points bro Big Smile
So dont mind me, keep on walking nothing to see here, just here to make some bucks Big Smile
But all jokes asaide good job bro keep busting the tables when u see the variance is on your side Big Smile Thumbs Up

The only thing that bothers me is that i cant get FT hoodie and i just bust out holding pocket 66 on a flop J 6 and 4 of clubs i raised more then half of my stacs and ofcourse donk with J1O bets all in and hits flush of clubs. I mean camon how far can they go with that b******t.

laugh and cry take turns come,lol. So alert yourself when laugh come to make cry short Smile
Small winning just make us happy in short time but one losing hand hurt us so deep Sad
I think control of our emotion should be part of poker Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Control of emotion is totally a part of poker, and to b successful one has to control ones emotion to the max. Getting upset or joyous are equally damaging and playing with the requisite and oft referred to 'poker face' makes a good day work really well. Enjoy your winnings and remember, when you are winning, don't walk away, but stay and keep winning....walk away when you start losing.

Some times you win, some times you lose.
For the ones you win others are complaining. It is the way it goes.
Hit and run is a good tactic, and with a bit luck you can make a good bankroll easy.
Many low level players doing this. No chance of getting your money back from such players Smile

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