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Playing on PP the jackpot series freerolls and have built quite the stack. Sitting in 5/410 remaining and with more than 316 BB to play with should be able to manufacture some more free money thanks to PartyPoker.

Wish me luck i'll try to post at the next break.

Edited by TheIrish77 (22 April 2016 @ 19:33 GMT)

Quite a few players in yet. 15 more minutes from your post passed, so the situation must be better.
You need to finish at least eighth to get a good amount, but im wishing you the best to it
taking it down. Good luck Thumbs Up

Wish you good luck The Irish 77
These freerolls are terrible, full of brutish players entering passes with any garbage, do a good tournament is an odyssey
Hopefully finish in the money finishes, better yet, to enter the final table and win is important
Any effort is good to win without investing a few dollars out of pocket

Just hit the break and continue to hold strong 3/158 top 154 get paid so bubble is close. Should have another 35k to my name but some bad hits with great cards slowed em down momentarily but I've picked it back up and playing it aggressive as most people are playing for the bubble.

This should be a good cash stage for me with so many big blinds still that I can certainly take some chances still and not killer type of decisions. i love playing with alot chips and it's so advantageous to just lean on the smalls at the table.

Here we go back at it.

I see our friend Demodawwgy holding on and cashed in this as well. 2 Mobsters representing!

Hold on buddy and make a few more cents.

Edited by TheIrish77 (22 April 2016 @ 21:15 GMT)

Forgot about this freeroll on Party still not happy with the fact that i completed the sitn go hero mobile mission and no ticket for the freeroll another Party Poker glitch in there software good luck for the final table. Dollar Thumbs Up

Still going boys and girls. sitting 11/29 and just got some more chips to play with after a couple of bad runs. but were still in it.

I'll be back....

Just hit another break and we're down to the last 18!!! I'm currently 8/18 after a rush of big cards. Hopefully I can double up soon and move in top 3 territory where i can really start to terrorize the small stacks.

Gotta take a piss and grab some water...will update final table or if I broke!

Edited by TheIrish77 (22 April 2016 @ 22:59 GMT)

nice 1 Irish hope demo is doing well also,looking good so hope you get your double up and FT is on.....tid buddy.... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

congtrats irish, hope you will win it Blink

Thanks everyone for the good words. ended up finishing 5th for 12.50 or so and blew up on the final table. bad push before the break. big stack woke up with Kings in Small blind. Bye Bye Irish. Was sitting 2nd only a few hundred k behind 1st overall. oh well hopefully learn from my mistake.

Ahhhhhhh bad brake buddy, but still as far as freeroll goes u still did good, made FT and pretty deep in the money, so all in all another good day for you...
I still cant make out, are u really this good, or just on a sick run, guess time will tell, but i bet its the first one Big Smile
So once more congratz dude, keep`em shipping Thumbs Up

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