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I am currently 39/308 1400$ on top got lock up 4$, was 15th and lost 120k chips all in 66<88 I tought I was flipping :S in midle of tournament I wanted to start to stream because I was in top 6 since begining ( 28604 players started) and I turn my broadcast software but couldnt menage twitch chat to put on stream, and my lap top is weak. and my brother wanted to dl 5 videos at once on my lap top and he was boring like hell ( so I put that paralel to my stream, and soon my laptop died, and I was forced to play on my phone... my lap top didnt want to turn on for 2 hours, it start bios but it wont load windows :S so I started to think what died... maybe graphic card, maybe procesor maybe hard disc... I was so worried, because it didnt want to even start windows even from safe mode :S but after 2 hours it did start first from safe mode than normaly, and I am playing again tournament on my laptop. Come cheer me up, and I hope I could make my first 4 figure score, and buy better laptop and maybe start streaming Big Smile

Take it down StheP!!!! I was in it early and had some chips but went card dead and played a small pocket pair too strongly.

Good luck my friend and score some big bucks $$$$

out on 106th got involved with chip leader I had AK on button I think, evryone folded I open with min raise to 32k and I think chip leader was on blind and called... flop comes 552 he check I bet half pot and he reraise for more than a half chips that I have in stack ( I had around 200k left he raised like 115k) so I shoved there... he had 33 and no ace no K, even 3 fell down on river Tongue good for 7,30$ :S

I really don't know why you shoved on his raise. A few hand before you also had a hand with him and you saw that the guy was not a bluffer and you lost this hand.

So when he raised you have to put him at least on a pair you had only six outs not to good odds IMO you should have fold. Question Question

well I was sure that he doesnt have 5, and I was preaty sure that he doesnt have 2, because he is tight player and he wouldnt call preflop with 2 in hand, and I doubt he have 5 because there were 2 on flop. So what he could have there... he couldnt have strong pair, because he would definetly reraise pre, and I think he would shove with any medium pocket pair pre because he has huge chip advantage, and he could aford flips. So he could only have hand like AQ,AJ,AT,KQ,KJ,KT and try to bully me off the flop after my raise (because he put me on nothing) or he could have baby pocket pair which I have realy nice chance if it is 33 or 44 ( if you see I had near 40% chance there) because I could hit ace or K, and also board could pair once again and countrafit his baby pair. Also there were a lot of chips in pot and I needed badly double up if I wanted to win tournament...that was all my thinking there Blink

1. u had 27% chance there..
2. i was watching and i think that guy doesnt there bluff ever
3. he was on blind so he had to call just 1bb with his huge stack , so i wouldnt take 2s and 5s out of his range

just my 2 cents Smile

I am on your side bro, it was the right move, if u hit an ace or a king u would have been the chip leader...
What a day, what a friggin day today was, the suckouts bro, brutal, i mean B R U T A L, hands down worst poker day for me in my entire life...
Suck out after suck out, no end in sight, for starters, got my AA cracked by tripple 77`s, then as i was watching Vardar play against veszprem, i played the 250 aded on FT, all good till on bubble play another suckout my kings lost to A5, i raised 5BB he then re raised me to 7 thinking i wanna steal blinds, i shove he thinks for a while and calls, mean cooooommmeeee onnn, soon as i saw he had one ace, i knew it was over...
Next thing i played the freeroll on PP, another suckout, then came the CC freeroll on PS and PP, i get AK raised 3BB the next to me shoves, now i know hes a loose player, so i call, he opens and shows A6, the board QJ7 turn came 9, and guess what the river showed Big Smile a FRIGGIN FAKING 6, 27 in the money on that one, i finished 32nd...
Next the CC tourney on PP, top 15 payed, i snug through, made it in the money and told pero (crnogorac) he was on my table on both PS and PP tourney, he can tell u, how faking unlucky i was today, so on this CC tourney on PP, i came back from the dead 3 times, 3 FAKING TIMES, but i got ITM and as soon as i got the ATd i shoved it, ofcorse the other guy hand hold till the end and that was it...
All in all, all i have to show for today is 2.5 friggin tournament dollars Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
Anyways pero finished 4th on the PP tourney, and took down the one on PS, the lucky bastard Tongue Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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It's a difficult one, especially when you are so close to doubling up....... Or of course going out. It's a balance between what you will win if you get kncked out....7.50 or what you could go on to win if you win or fold. His calling such a small price puts him on an exceptionally wide range and his style of play has indicated no bluffing. A fold with only an unmatched AK may have been a prudent move. But hey...... Review what you did and learn for next time.

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