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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners however i don't see any forum reg. ITM. I did play it but like the last few weeks went out pretty early when trying a move which did not work and that was it for me but there is always next week. Big Smile Big Smile


.... Angry< ...WTF...??? Nothing but @#$%$^# gd f'n %[email protected]# for the past TWO $#@&%$#@ weeks.... Angry

... Big Smile< No problemos in any of the OTHER games I play in,...but THIS one...???? Angry< $$#@% &@#[email protected] &%%$#$# &@#$#@# [email protected]#$$%$####$$#@#$#@((&*%^#%^^^&^ Aww crap!

Good job bro, keep it up, not much to say, well have to write something to get them points bro Big Smile
So dont mind me, keep on walking nothing to see here, just here to make some bucks Big Smile
But all jokes asaide good job bro keep busting the tables when u see the variance is on your side.

Good luck, keep grinding away!!

lol demodawggy I hope you got enough characters to get your free 10 mob points for this post Big Smile That is some pretty incredible punctuation poetry!

I won some hands early when blinds were small but when it mattered my opponent caught something on the river to make 2 pairs. Then I shoved J3 suited with 10 blinds left and Marqis called me with 99 that was the end for me Big Smile Atleast I got a flush draw, could've had less outs! lol

Gl next week

I am surprised there were no BRM regs in the money as when I went out just after the hour, there were still a few in the top 20 and top 10 (IQA and Marqiss ) and believed that they would go on and be successful.... But as usual the weird hand of poker fate gets involved and takes it all away just when it was going well. See y'all next week.

Posted by damosk:
But as usual the weird hand of poker fate gets involved and takes it all away just when it was going well. See y'all next week.

I usually just call it variance or my own dumbness. It's less of the former and more of the latter to be quite honest.
Also demo, next time just use the smileys, cuz why bother if you don't say anything noteworthy?

You cant win every time. We all want this but it is not possible.
And with the tournament being a freeroll you only go upwards bankrollwise.
I can only see ice, close to the money.
Better luck next week to all of you, with someone in Smile

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