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I started the day playing rush poker on Full Tilt and entered with my usual $0.80 in the .01/.02 the come tis hand in which i hit a straight on the turn i bet the pot 0.38 and had i call the river come and the guy bet putting me all in even if the board was hard i called and he had it a full on the river. Aww crap!

Then i went to play the jackpot freeroll for $0.30 i come HU with a bigger stack than the other but managed to loose this one to. Aww crap! Aww crap!

And also no points for my post today really a bad start.

Next one will be the daily freeroll on Party Poker and i hope my bad start will end there. Smile Smile

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It has been a while since i last saw someone saying that lost playing rush.
It must be a nice catch for all the sites with fast poker, probably making a good rake from this.
Juts a bad day pinotte, you will have one of your good ones soon ;0

The day started very bad and like i said i was hoping that it would changed for the daily freeroll on Party Poker.

And it did changed since i managed to make final table. Poker is so easy when you have nice cards and you it or get large pocket pairs. I came in the FT i was 5th. one hand i had A Q so i raised pre flop and got one call the flop come with a queen i shoved and got called we open he had Q J and of course the J came on the river. I was left with a few chips and i again shoved with A 8 got called by same one he had Q Q and i was out 8th. for $2.05 which will help for leaderboard. Smile Smile

How's this for bad micro stakes on Jokerstars bounty .55 buyin first hand AK I shove get called by K9 suited flush and out next tournament Short stack A8 suited with 10 BB left vs KJ suited flush and out. Party Poker BRM freeroll KK Allin preflop vs A8 A on turn left with short stack. Full tilt coin freeroll KK get reraised Allin vs J6 diamonds flush and out. Full tilt coin freeroll get AA vs 23 off lose to trips the donks are on fire lol Shock this is why I mostly play freerolls and when there is a good promotion.

lol well it seems like we all on a phenomenal row Big Smile , except LadyFloppy which was nice 1 again must say Thumbs Up . but thats not as near as bad when i see my folded cards on the tabel, again and again and when i save it For the "blast hand" i lose - so fkn hilarious LMAO Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

lol well that's just plain bad luck! Nothing you can do when you have your opponent exactly where you want him but he ends up winning with 1 card to go... The river can be brutal sometimes!

To win a tournament, the river kind of has to be on your side a couple of times. It's the same with cash games. Even in the long run, even if you make right plays more often than not you can end up in the red because of bad luck and bad timing for bad luck.

Keep it up though, one day it'll pay Blink

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