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Everyday i am playing 2 or 3 of this tournaments to get coins for The Deal Jackpot on Full Tilt.

For peoples that don't know this tournament is an hyper turbo one the kind of tournament i usually don't play. So i manage to get coins every day but never go deep in it however this week once i was 5th. out of 10 players left when this hand come i was SB with A K no bet before me so i though of steeling the B B and antes and shoved to my surprise the B B called and show K K and i lost.

Today i went deep again but did play thigh and finally made FT and finished 4th.

This is a good result but i would like to have the same on the leaderboard tournaments. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I was playing one of these last week and i was 1st with 11 players left........... 2 hands later i was out in 10th, honestly Smile

... Big Smile< Nice going Monsieur Pinotte...!!! Smile Thumbs Up Heart Dollar

... Big Smile< ...I've never gotten more than 20 coins,...but I have gotten 20 coins, 2 or 3 times...! It's a nice score....Keeps ya in coins for a bit...! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< A few of the guys have gotten 45 or more or so...!!! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< Check how deep I went in the JackpotFreeroll today...!

Nice one have you seen that one of your friend wants to move near you. I think that he loved your thread on the Russian and now he wants to move in Canada near you and if he can't he would choose me as a second choice.

Please take him i really not interested. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Nicely done there both of you. If you keep participating pinotte in the freeroll then at
some point you will hit the final table a believe scoring some good money Smile

If demo dont get him in his house, you wont have any problem pinotte.
I doubt he is going to jump from country to country. Didnt you say you need to cross borders
to get to demo? Smile

Congratulations PINOTTE. A nice 20 coins for you to play the deal,with. I like these coin freerolls as they can be a nice little aren't if played correctly, as you have found in this most recent game. They can also be a nice earner if you register and sit out.... Money for nothing and the chips are free!

Congratz on the final table my best finish 2nd place good for 45 coins was running deep in one this afternoon got AK lost allin to AQ. The one coin freeroll to play for some reason has the fewest players is the one at 9:40 am 1st place 90 coins GL.

In playing the gold rush i had won 200FPP but since i am on the players i wrote and ask them if they could cange the FPP for coins.

There answer at the time was in a good gesture wait the end of the gold rush and we will do it.

So this week the promo ended i wrote again and today to my surprise i had a 20 coins to change the FPP. Big Smile Big Smile


... Big Smile< I don't know if you noticed or not,...but you can use FPPs directly to buy shots at the deal...! It costs 20 FPPs per try.... I won 1000 FPPs and have been using those points as backup incase I don't have any coins at that particular moment when it's necessary to get a shot in so as not to miss out incase somebody hits the jackpot...!!! Smile Thumbs Up

Congratz on the deep run man, but those damn jackpot game looks impossible to crack, i dont know how many coins, i lost track and count, i have played already, and all i got out of it is 1 Dollar ticket, dozens of 1000 Dollar sat tickets, and thats it, not once something worth bragging for, if it wasnt for other people hitting the jackpot i would have never got anything from that thing...
So now, b4 i finish playing poker for the day, i play 5 coins and go to sleep, in a hope, some1 by tomorrow to hit the jackpot and to win a slice from that pie Big Smile

So, having played the coin freerolls a few times and played the Deal almost daily, I have a number of tickets to the deal freeroll satellites. I have just played two and surprise surprise...I won both. I am now awaiting game number three to see if I can win three in a row...... Less than a minute to go......... Cards are dealt, I have 24s...... Holding my breath......... And I lose to the guy holding 67o.

Good luck y'all.

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