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Since i wasnt able to play at the P P Leaderboard when i was in Croatia and now when i moved to Ireland i erased BuvA7 and registerd as " iamDareDevil " . Also says that i cannot recive a bo n us from you - probably cause i still have my old address from Croatia on my ID Sad

I write this message so u know its me and that i dont have to send a screenshot of my profile, but i will do it if its a must.

Regards and have a nice one,


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I don't know how long you have been in Ireland but if not done you better get a driver license from them and change your adresse here by e mail and if you have account in poker site you should do the same think.

Because if you don't do this you will have a lot of problem for cash out. Or any transactions. Smile

Ohh i plan 2 stay here a little bit longer then just 2 weeks or even 2 months. Thumbs Up And yes its a must pinotte Thumbs Up

Can anyone help me with sending 5 $ to my Neteller account. I have 11 $ on my Neteller account but Matrix says its not enough for the first deposit and it must be 10 euros witch is a little bit more then 11$. I will give it back and to your 5 add my 1$ if u also have a PP account.

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Probably you will have to go through verification again for everything if you want
to continue playing.
While you have changed country i dont think you will be eligible for any bonuses,
since you have already an account and only the address changes.

Seek a solution to this directly through emails, but dont have high hopes Smile

I really though that you had moved in Ireland for good. But it looks that it is not the case and you will be there for the most two months.

Why bother changing address for a so little short time and then you will have to go trough the same when you go back to your Country.

And since you were not allowed to Party Poker in Croatia it is just creating problems to try playing there since you really are from Croatia. Aww crap! Aww crap!

lol no man u got it all wrong i came to Ireland to stay much longer then too months but since i have some unfinished bizz. there i must go back and then come back to Ireland again. God damn it.

Nope, im more Irish and Canadian then you Tongue Big Smile , plus i drinked one Canadian today - very nice Thumbs Up

i even have a friend from Canada / Ontario _ we cool almost 9 years, been hangin, drinking and cousing porblems in my country but i dont mind _ i simply dont give a duck. Hate the law anyway.

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Why PartyPoker not allowed register for new players from Croatia.Didnt know.What with old players ? Its my first online site,just once deposit there Big Smile

Who will ever know whats their reason for not leting us join. I dont really know that 2 Sad but i see that softvare and the lobby plus achivements are realy awesome thing to have and thats thumbs up for this software. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

No one born in croatia is gona leave that paradise forever, sooner or later they all come back to that piece of heaven on earth, damn i wish i had more luck when i got born, to be born just a couple of more miles to the west, and hit croatia, its god damn beautiful country dude Big Smile the people not so much Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile ahhhhhhhh just kiddin
Bro i really think u have done something wrong by registering, coz there is no f-ing way that we get to reg there and play there with no problems, and u, being a part of EU cant, it just doesnt make any sense, so check to see if u are doing something wrong when registering to the site...who knows mb u missed something Big Smile

Edited by SBEP (01 May 2016 @ 03:46 GMT)

It doesnt have anything to do being a part of EU or not or whatsoever.
It is the sites deciding who they want to register and play with them and no one has a
word on it.
It is business and they are open to markets where they can make a profit with not much hassle.
That simple.

Is that why ILIOS72 plays from macedonia and not greece, but it still doesnt make any sense...
I found this list, the terms and conditions are from 2016, and i see my country on the ban list, and i CAN play there since i first started playing poker 8 years ago, i also draw money from their site, never had any problem playing on their site...
This is just weird, donno what to make of it, here i found that also players from croatia can also play
Thats why i told him mb he missed something while registering on the side, coz everywhere i found that players from croatia can play on PP.
P.S. Replace the "a" in pakernews with "o" to be able to open the page, i had to change it like that coz this site blocks the address.

As i have said here before.
They have banned the creation of all NEW accounts from the specific countries.
Al the ones that had registered before the changes took effect, they can still play.

The same thing goes for greece of course. They are not accepting new players any more.

BUT be careful here.
If players from these countries, the old ones that are able to play so far, go inactive,
thats it. They will be banned too.
So everyone from these countries that can still play, should keep their accounts active,
playing at least once per 6 months, if this is still the same amount of time they have,
for inactivity. They will not permit you to reactivate it again.

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Nah im already registerd at party poker just that they ask for me to depozit 10€ And i have 11 dollars witch is not enough and i cant get BRM bonus cause i enterd my croatian adress when i was signing up to BRM forum so that must be it but i will change it later. But i must say im happy for finally signing up at PP and just nead 1 $ more on my netteler acount to make a deposit. I will add you as friends there soon and play at their awesome software. Take care ya all and see ya soon.

And u have to seeDublin and Ireland theres no discrimination and there are a lots of people from differnt contrys and continents, chinese girls, black girls, brasilians , russians u got to love it here. I think when Pochui reads this he will be on the next flight and ask to meat me that i show him some skills Tongue Big Smile. Yea the first 4hing i loved about Dublin its internationality - Whole world at one place and i think im gona like it here. Also Sbep todayim gona visit your countryman that works in a mobile shop and say that i kow u and that u recomend me there Tongue Smile Maybei get a discount Big Smile

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