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Yesterday i had look at KO poker and saw that there was a challenge on the SNG 36 players KO.

The first one is to get 4 KO and you get a 10K shootout tournament so i tried this one and finally got my entry for the tournament.

The second one is to get 12 KO and you get a ticket for a 50K regular tournament so i decided try it and was not very lucky and was having a few KO with losing money until the luck came and played one and got 4 KO and finished 2nd. Then i was missing 1KO played again and had to play a few one without luck but the last one i again got 4KO and finished 2nd.

So i got my 50K tournament ticket and ended with around $2.00 over not much but better than a loss. Smile Smile

Just to let you know it's not just the 36 man table, you can do it on the 6 and 9 man tables as well. Any Ko Sng.
I've made one on Sunday and 2 off my next 50K one
GL in the game

I think we are not talking about the same thing. I am talking about the new KO Poker in there you only have 36 man SNG and you also have tournaments of all buy in.

The challenge that i have seen his about this new SNG i never saw any other challenge for other SNG
i there are some please tell me where to find this challenge. Question Question

Yes in the daily challenge on ps, it's called knockout challenge. if you knock out 4 players you get entered into a $10000 allin shoot out, this runs daily, knock out 12 players you go into a $50000 game, this one I think runs weekly.

Yeah I had 5x 1$ ticket last week and did my two challenges with the tickets so I made about 12$ profit total. At the same time I had megabonus deposit bonus so I did two deposits... When pokerstars offers free money I will gladly take it Blink It doesn't happen too often!

I'm not a huge fan of the format, small stacks just like spin n go... = bingo poker!

Good luck on the tables mobsters

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