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I demo i see you entering the daily freeroll very late hoping that most of the donkeys would be out by then. But i also see that you are very close to ITM very often and not making it or having a little bit of it.

I would thing that you should enter early so that you can make a stack soon or get out soon however if you are able to get a good stack early then if you go card dead for awhile it is not to bad and the cards will come.

I always enter early like today i was very lucky and built a stack then went up and down but managed to make FT and finished 7th. This would help for leaderboard. Worship Worship

yea i,ve seen demo do this on all freerolls, brm games and others.
And it must work for him.
Since he has 2000 freeroll tickets on fulltilt by doing it this way
Plus he does get on the leaderboards too.
Whatever works for one person doesn,'t always work for another. Thumbs Up


... Big Smile< That could be some good advice there Monsieur Pinotte...! ....but the problem only seems to be on those PP/BrM daily freerolls,.... It's like I'm super-jinxed or something with those...!

... Big Smile< Like crash says too....!!! Thumbs Up ...I'm jinxed,...better pick it up soon...!!! Confused

I think that the problem with the leaderboard is the payout structure for the amount of players.

So if you com in very late it is very hard to make ITM and almost impossible to make FT.

Like i said you may be out very soon but what is the difference of being out soon or get out just not far from ITM. Question Question

This PartyPoker leaderboard does appear to have some strange RNG going on as throughout I see good hands being dumped out by regular rubbish....both in the early middle and late stages. I'm not saying it's rigged or anything, just it seems weird... More weird than many other tourneys. Maybe I'm just sore at not doing too well lately!


... Big Smile< I was pretty much in the money yesterday, when just 3 or 4 away I was short-stacked and got QQ,.....SO,...I shoved it,...then was promptly clobbered by what started out to be a mediocre hand for the bad guy...!

...I think damosk is right.... It's RIGGED.... RIGGED I tells ya...! Tongue

Late registration is not a good thing you want these donks shoving with garbage and you wake up with a monster and build your stack as Pinotte mentioned these donks are new and horrible players you want them at your table I seen demo at the Canada qualifier bounty tournament top 5 after an hour my KK got squached by AK and put me on tilt Poker Stats RNG is fcked up Aww crap! Aww crap!

Depending on the tournament, players and prizes, sometimes it is good joining a game
with late registration.
Players have big stacks, blinds are big, so it is easier to get callers when you are all in.
In some rebuy tournaments, there are players doing this, keep rebuying,
till they get a decent stack Blink

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