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So decided to give this series a try with my new found BR and so far off to decent start. sitting around 50 of 550 of the PowerHouse # 15 5K GTD with over 900$ up top.

Wish me luck and hope some of my fellow Mobsters are playing.

TheIrish out!

Ouch just went out boat over boat. Guy 2 in front of me min raises I'm small bind call and hit a mid pair with straight draw on flop then 2 pair on turn and get it in expecting AK maybe a decent sized par but no he hit trips on the flop which i thought was perfect for me and I kept improving each card.

Oh well wasn't meant to be obviously but was running really well and playing some really great interesting hands with very little actually hitting but betting people off pots consistently with junk.

Maybe I'll try another 1 of these tomorrow. With the long blind structure 3 hours before registration ends it takes a lot to keep it together for a really long stretch.

Edited by TheIrish77 (03 May 2016 @ 17:42 GMT)

Losing from time to time is not a big issue.
You have a good bankroll now and you can try a variety of games and tournaments.
You could also withdraw some of it and still having a decent bankroll Smile

These long games are pretty boring. You must have lost of patience.

@Mober Yeah I've already made a withdraw request so that I don't get too nuts. left myself with more than 70$ from 201 i had in the account so if I hit a bit of dry spell i can hopefully get through it.

The Irish.... Keep on grinding and it will,come good for you. The main thing is to remember that you are not quite yet world champion of poker and of course just like the world champ of poker, you will have bad days and bad tourneys. Just continue to revert to type when you hit a bad patch and recalibrate your approach. Good luck.

Smart move there, since you never can be too sure about this game.
And if things go bad, which i hope it wont, you either rebuild from scratch, you did it before,
you can do it again, or you can deposit with some code and get even more money to start with.

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