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Of course i am talking about the daily freeroll on Party Poker. I was on the button blind are 25/50 and i have Q Q there was a few limpers and i raised 6 BB to 300 and got two calls.

The flop come J K K they both check i bet half pot and they both called the turn is a 4 everybody check me to river A again both check and i check we open and one guy show A 6.

Calling 6BB pre and half pot on flop with nothing except of his ace. Aww crap! Aww crap!

What a donk!
These negative EV moves is what make you a winning player in the long term compared to that fish.
Considering the fact that he checked both turn and river, indicates that he was not even floating the flop in an attempt to steal the pot if you checked the turn ...he was plain fishing and he got lucky.

This kind of outcome will reinforce his belief that he made the right play.
Just put a note on him and take him to value town next time you have hand.
Better luck next time Smile

Have you tried playing like a donk? Maybe you should and see how you get on! I imagine that rather than winning everything, you will hit massive variance and soon go out. It might be interesting to tags player who you think is a donk and see how far he (or she, of course) got on in the tournament to see whether their play is full of value or random luck. (Just a thought)

9I did last night playing coin freeroll it was late i was tired and shoved with Q 9s i got one call and the guy had A 9s.

My ace queen came on the board and i won the hand. The other guy did not like it and told me that i was an idiot. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

If those guys call to lightly, just bet higher. With "a few limpers" already in the pot, raise to more than 6 BB preflop. Bet more than half the pot on the flop, and bet on the turn, after that safe card there.

6 BB seems reasonable in general but keep in mind that freeroll poker isn't real poker, people WILL call knowing they're behind and they won't care about the pot odds anyways Blink

When there's 2 limpers makes sense to raise to 5 or 6 BB but yeah if you want to avoid a multi-way pot maybe you should have raised bigger. If there's more and you're holding QQ, then why not pump it up to 10-12 BB and try to isolate someone or just win the pot right there!

Do you really think that a guy who called a 6BB raise pre flop and called a half pot bet on the flop with nothing would have fold.

I really don't thing so i am pretty sure that he would have even called an all-in pre move.

This is the kind of player that will call anything with any two suited cards specially with an ace. Question

I wasn't saying that you've made a mistake at all. They did. And they got rewarded for it, donkey style Big Smile

6 BB there is pretty standard (but I don't know how many limpers there were) if you're playing against pros (but then again, pros usually don't limp much (or at all) so this type of situation doesn't really happen to them)

Besides, like you said 6 or 10 or 12 BB will probably not change a donk's decision either way!

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