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Hello there fellow mobsters,

lately i haven't had a lot of spare time to play poker, now that i have found some time i've deciden to do a bit of grinding on Fulltilt.

decided to grind at the 10/25 cents rush/zoom/whateverucallit , because i feel comfortable enough at these tables. i started with a small bankroll of 75$ but i can just re-deposit if i feel like it. started out yesterday and played about 300-400 hands.

Ended up with 125$ so this is a nice start towards the following goals:

[] Get to 225$ thus having x3 my deposit
[] Get to 500$ = 20x bi and play 2 tables at a time
[] Get to 2k$ and take initial shots at 25/50
[] Make enough money with the monthly grind to live in Amsterdam without having to work (student)
[] Mix in some sattelites if the bankroll allows it to play a larger Buy-in live event.

Will keep you up to date as much as i can.
With kind regards yours truly Jeffaboy

Cool Cool

Ended the first (and probably last) session of the day with a +26$ , could of been more as i got rivered twice in the end but all good , currently sitting on 151$ Agree Thumbs Up 74 more dollaros to go for the first goal

Edited by jeffaboy (06 May 2016 @ 11:17 GMT)

thats a nice goals, but hard to achive... I am very interested about this jeffa, if you can pull this out, than you are realy good in poker Blink hope you will make it Blink

I wish you well!

Note that playing NL25 with $75 is not even close to proper bankroll management. At the very least you need $500 for that. A tiny downswing (if you can even call a 3 buy-in loss a downswing), would bust you.
Good luck!

I agree that $75.00 is not a proper BR for the limit that he is playing. However IMO your BR is the money that you have to play poker. It does not have to be in the site you are playing but avalable if needed at any time.

If i take my case i have a special bank account for poker money that i could use without any problem
so BR in a site is not that important. Smile Smile

Good luck with your new goal.
You had a good start and i hope you can continue like this.
Somewhere in the way you need to add a cash out into your goals Smile
No need to reach a huge amount in order to cash out first.

Yeah i am totally aware that 75$ is not even anywhere near proper BRM , i will need 40 bi's for proper BRM , doesnt mean i need to have it on my poker account tho, i got money sitting in the bank in case i go busto so i can just redeposit if i need to, will redeposit if theres any decent bonus coming up too but there werent any at the time i deposited.
And yeah @mober i plan a cash out somewhere in between atleast enough money for like 2 nice bottles of some drink and HEM 2 maybe
Thanks all for the support Cool

Going to grind for maybe an hour or more idk how fast i'll be tired after work.

Went down 2 Bi's aka 50$ thanks to some bad plays and some bad luck combo of both , calling it quits for now see ya all tomorrow - 101$ BR rn

Edited by jeffaboy (06 May 2016 @ 22:53 GMT)

Good luck achieving your goals, I am not gonna repeat what the others already told you - though I see you know by now that higher levels will draw higher swings (both up and down) too...
One thing interests me - how big of a sum one need per month to be able to live comfortably in Amsterdam?

Posted by bowie1984:
One thing interests me - how big of a sum one need per month to be able to live comfortably in Amsterdam?

You can expect to pay 1000 - 1500 EUR rent per month, if you can find anything at all, there are huge waiting lists. I think you'll need at least 2000 EUR per month to live here comfortably (after tax), but it depends on what you call comfortable.

Sounds like you had a good start to your challenge. 75$ wasn't much to start at the 15c/25c tables but since you managed to double up in two session now you can hopefully stay there and keep being profitable at this level Smile

I wish you success in your money quest Blink

Good luck jeffaboy

Wow some really nice goals there, reminds me my son's targets when when he was a student... he wanted to do something similar so that he did not have to work and pay his studies and his renting house but no win. He had to work...

Thanks people really feels good to get this much support Smile
and bowie to live properly in amsterdam i would need to make i'd say around 750$ a month playing poker assuming i'll rent a small student studio , 750 isn't enough to live from but on top of that ill get some money from the government for housing etc because im a student.

and @calmplay yeah im sure im not the only one trying this, i also work in the meantime till i manage my goal , working about 2-4 days a week for a few hours as well as trying to do some business on the side with selling stuff etc Tongue

going to grind for a little bit before work now i guess , i'd be happy if i could end up like 10$ in the plus

Bad start of the session , went in with a str8draw + a flushdraw and didnt hit either of them against his set and another flushdraw , 3 hands later i get myself in position with ak suit , king on the flop everything gets in there and he has a-a so i got fucked for 2 buy ins Sad

Edited by jeffaboy (07 May 2016 @ 13:37 GMT)

Posted by bowie1984:
how big of a sum one need per month to be able to live comfortably in Amsterdam?

Insurance: 105 euro (minimum)
Rent and electra/water: 1000/1500 euro
internet/tv: 50+ euro
cheap bottle of wine in the supermarket: 3.50
bread: 2 euro
ham/meat on bread: 20+ euro per kilo
pint of beer: 6+ euro
bus/tram 2.90 per hour
parking: 6 an hour
weed: 10 a gram on average
cocaine: 60 euro
pizza margarita: 8.50 +
hamburger and fries: 8.50 +

don't buy drugs from strangers, don't cross the street without looking, remain on the right side of the road with your bicycle, people need to pass you because you are slow.

better go to Berlin.

Edited by Ingrind33 (07 May 2016 @ 14:17 GMT)

You had a good start but now two minus session in a row. I hope you come back with how you started your challenge in getting in the plus. Which you good luck.

@Ingrind cost of living is not cheap down there specially with the rent. I suppose t6his in Amsterdam but what about out of the big city and also what is the average income.
Because one goes with the other big average income = big living cost. Question Question

You have some high prices there. And i thought ours were high.
But then again i dont know what pinotte noted, about the monthly income you are getting.
Probably there are cheaper places in Netherlands, but amsterdam must be considered high.
I noticed that you know the price of cocaine too lol.

Naah, my interests were strictly casual tbh - I was curious how much jeffaboy need to grind monthly to achieve this goal - I could never have a grip on that language anyway so why bother moving there?
It's good to know though that weed and cocaine costs almost the same as here.

good luck in this challenge
it seems doable for you .. you just need to run good
and since you can deposit again so it is fine to take the risk
if i remember correctly you cashed once in a tournament +1K$ so why not play some tournaments ?
good luck , keep us updated

I your bankroll is really to small for this levels, but i wish you luck too. And only 2-3 good sessions isn´t enough for your challenge, but the most important think was, that you have a side job to get enough money to live Blink

Going in for a small grind , not a lot of time to play today because of work , yeah @skip i've cashed several times for 1$K+ , most of that is in my savings account tho but i still have a decent amount of money in the current to deposit if needed. not going to make overheated deposits tho. keep cool everyone and ill keep ya posted Blink

Haven't had time to play lately due to personal circumstances , have had a funeral of someone fairly close to me and thus ive decided to take a bit of time off from poker to clear my head a bit , lots of love jeffaboy <3

Sorry to hear that jeffa bud, take as much time as u need to clear your head, and if or when u decide to play poker again, i would like u to keep us up to date with your progress to your goals, if it works all out in the end, i would like to copy paste you example hopefully successfully Big Smile like you Thumbs Up

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