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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulation to all winner specially to forum reg The Machine and sammybeyo who made ITM. I did play it for around five minutes.
I had A Q blind 10/20 i raised to 80 got four call the flop come 9c 2c 4d then i decided to go for the flush one bet 240 i called and a re raise to 1080 we both called the turn Jd and the guy go all-in and we both called river with Jc for my flush but one had a pocket 2 for a full but the first better had 3 4o for a pair of 4. Aww crap! Aww crap!

GG all
i played also but no luck all day yesterday had terrible run on all poker networks Sad
Think about 15-20 times i run with AK and KK vs AA and ofc lose every time Smile
But will be beter next week Smile


... Big Smile< I was the short stack 5 from the bubble when I got KK... Shock< "Here's my CHANCE..... DIE....!"

Angry< Clobbered with who knows what,..I x'd out as soon as I seen the pot go the other way... Confused

... Big Smile< Hey....ya gotta watch that tukiebird guy....silent but deadly...! Always does good...! Thumbs Up

I made a search here and there is one tukie. I don't know if it is the same person but if yes you will have to say she because the one i fund is a female just a little bit younger than me. And yes she or he is a very good player. Smile Smile

Just made another search and i was right tukiebird BRM name is tukie female.

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Congratulations to all the winners. It is a regular tournament there, so there is always a next
time, at least for now Smile
Another canadian miss with KK in just one day i guess lol. Always all in preflop with it,
praying Smile

I didn't play this week due to other commitments, however I hope to be back next week, especially as I can't avail myself of the deposit and get a free $22 Powerfest ticket cost I have already made a deposit and which I would have used this Sunday evening. Oh well...keep on grinding to get those five points per week. Big Smile

Congratulations to all the players, making it into the money. "Nice" play with AQ in the first hand of the tourney by the way. Going purely with a flush draw against opponents, missing the fold button, is risky.

Hey guys!

Yeah I made it ITM again this week but unfortunately it didn't end well for me! I knew I was in the top 5 with the chips I had but it was only about 20 BB, pretty much everyone was shallow. But when it got to 5 handed right before the final table I got AQ when another guy with about 2-3 less BB than me raised 3x UTG. I know a 3x raise UTG I usually strong, but AQ is just too strong 5 handed to fold so I shoved over the top.

Villain insta-called with JJ and I lost the race. Then I was left with 2 BB, got 56 suited on the next hand and lost against A7. Maybe I should've just called and folded on the flop but o well, shoving AQ there is pretty standard.

Hi, everybody.
Probably then just there was not your day. Everything will be visible at a big distance. Be not upset. Bude and you happiness.

Good luck all in life and at tables.

Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar

Hello Mobsters.
Of course who was bubble boy? Blink
good luck for all.

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