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‘Betting Shops make you Fat’, says UK Health Official

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Posted on 09 May 2016 by "T".
A health official said that it is not fast food that is the main cause of obesity in UK... it's actually betting shops. A 2014 study conducted by the World Health Organization revealed that in the UK, 28% of adults are obese and 62% are either overweight or obese. When asked how she would address the problem of obesity, Rachel Flowers, director of public health in Croydon (south London), said tha[...]   Read more » ‘Betting Shops make you Fat’, says UK Health Official

‘Betting Shops make you Fat’, says UK Health Official  +2   
Such a b******t story. Much assumptions. Wow.
What about taxes? A big portion of the income is taken away. You could say that taxes make people fat.
That official is out of her mind. I dont even feel like going on and on about this.
One advice: please skip this article, it will make you tilt.

Every time i asume the highest level of human stupidity has been reached, some politician steps in, and proofs me wrong. Those people are just trapped in their believe system, and reality don`t stand a chance.

hahaha awesome statement from tropical there: taxes make people fat... lol. i would add that a big portion of my income is taken away by hookers- so paid sex makes people fat too. oh and vodka... vodka makes people very fat. fcuk yeah- i am so fat that fat is dripping from my armpits onto the keyboard as i'm writing this.

It is an interesting research done in UK with a relatively limited data set.
Would that theory be applicable worldwide?

Edited by Tony_MON7ANA (09 May 2016 @ 14:37 GMT)

How embarrassing to disqualify yourself in the first interview given after becoming "director of public health". Amazing...

... Big Smile< Betting shops don't make you fat,....your decisions make you fat. If you decided to blow all your money in a betting shop and not eat good real food, but instead cheap prepared garbage full of fat and various questionable filler, need to get psychological help with your gambling addiction,....which is the reason for your bad choice...!

... Big Smile< Aside from that,...most folks are eating WAY too much garbage shoved down their throats by Corporate America (which encompasses the west and the free world)... They're not selling you food,...they are selling you some concoction they created from the contents of various railcars parked at their manufacturing plants...! No food involved....!

Big Smile< If you look at old films,'s a very rare occassion to find any fat people... Just see if you can see any fatties in this short clip from 1905....

Betting shop make obese because the bookies are taking your money and you don't have money to buy healthy food. So if you don't have the money to buy this kind of food how could you get obese with no money.

Does she think that junk food is free. I really don't know which school she went to but for sure there was not any way of learning what money could buy. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Posted by marqis:
How embarrassing to disqualify yourself in the first interview given after becoming "director of public health". Amazing...

Only in Britain... Oh, wait - lets take a look at the minister of health in Begium!

It's not like gambling addicts would spend money on salmon, pickles and carrots or low GI bread when they have the opportunity.

... Shock< WHOOOOOOOooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!

... Big Smile< ....You'd have to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot.... Tongue

I just had to google to see if this was an old april fools joke. Alas it is real.

Some people are too stupid for the internet (or in this case to get themselves dressed in the morning!)

online make much more fat

This caught my eye because on the face of it the article and it's heading is pure BLX. Having read the article, it makes no reference to any of the activity undertaken to achieve the results it gives out. I know loads of fat people who never go to bookies and never gamble. I know loads of gamblers who are fitter than the health minister ( not hard if they are Belgian).

Furthermore, what on earth has fatness and gambling go to do with the police. This minister reckons she's gonna work with the police (and others) to find a solution. What are they going to do? Lock away all the fat gamblers? Then what? Feed them the nutritious crud that you get served in police custody? All day breakfasts from a Tin or chicken curry? That'll help the poor fatties! Meanwhile the cops will be running a book on which fatty dies first from too much cholesterol from the crud they are feeding them.

As for the bookies, well here is a niche in the market. If bookies could negotiate a deal with a health food store, supplemented by this crazy minister and the millions the government has to waste on this kind of clap trap, they could open up franchises within bookies to seek discounted healthy food to the fatties. That's a win win situation.

Oh yeah. How many of these fatties smoke and drink alcohol? Does that get a mention?

Cut my taxes and I will cope with fatties gambling...just don't waste your money on it!

Again it comes down to common sense not hard to figure out that an overload Tongue of sugar and carbs will add those extra pounds time to go smoke a nice big fattie Big Smile Cool Blink

Posted by bowie1984:
[QUOTE]Posted by marqis:

... Big Smile< ...and MY biggest question is, just exactly when did folks start mistaking toilet plungers for tableware...??? Confused

... Big Smile< ...have you ever seen them in restaurants...? They just stuff like half a chicken down their gullet in ONE PUMP...!!!

.... Big Smile< SOMEtimes they're pumping it in ONE end as it's simultaneously coming out the OTHER end...!!! Confused

Load of absolute drivel! Ever heard of no frills products? They are far cheaper than fast food and takeaways and are fine for people they just don't possess the same flavour or taste as premium ranges. It's been proven in the UK that if push comes to shove you can feed your family on a few quid a day....or less(potatoes,veggies,tinned food)

England again what the next crazy research ... I think these things have nothing to do ... but one thing is connected with another theoretically possible to absolutely any thing ... and it does not mean it's right ... my opinion - this is all nonsense and stupidity

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