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... Big Smile< So I played two entries in this evenings Deal Freeroll... Managed to make $1.25 from one entry,...and $2.00 from the other for a tidy little sum of $3.25...

... Big Smile< When it came right down to it being the shortest stack,...I called the a$$hole's all in with my 'Dawggy In A Suit',....and look what the f'n a-hole's shoving against monster stacks.....WTF is with these f'n morons...??? Thumbs Down

... Big Smile< Anybody else play and how did you do...?

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Yes i had two tickets left and played them yesterday in the same tournament you were. However you did OK getting ITM with tour two entries but i did very bag and collected nil. Big Smile Big Smile

I also had the 5K windfall ticket and also there i was out in the first hand. But after i followed the chip leader just to watch but he got out after a few lost and when the two last player were HU one had Q Q and the other something like 9 6 and the board gave him two other 6 to win the game. Big Smile Big Smile


much more often this is happening to everyone , not only to you , for example, I played in a tournament and once the player 2 times in a row is divided poker have not seen until now one by another that you have in your hand 4 of a kind and guy looks like not a seasoned poker player did not go all in,i just wondered and have a good laugh

The classic K9 suited lol. How many players give a huge value to this hand, is unreal.
You were short stack here and you went all in, others risking their stack no matter their
position and stack.
You got unlucky against a foll once more Smile

I tend to agree with Mober. We don't know the pattern of play before all in, but shoving with K9s when short stacked against a much bigger stack, especially in a low buy in game is asking for trouble. Additionally, while your hand against the villains hand on this occasion was of course favourite, given the stack sizes and the odds on offer, calling the shove with any two cards in this situation is not such a bad move. You were also a tad unlucky with the board.


.... Big Smile< That dummy was just sittin' there playing garbage like a donk, I figured you just can't keep folding to idiots with junk like a girly man, when I got a suited King,....I thought 'next best thing to a suited ace'....!

... Big Smile< I knew the moron was just shovin' anything...! I hate those fools... Thumbs Down

Yesterday in the daily freeroll i lost with A A against K 9 he it two pairs on the flop. Aww crap! Aww crap!

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