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Hope everyone's having fun today!   0   
I'm playing some low level MTT's on stars and have 1 decent run going on atm.

Playing the The Hot .55 cent and now sitting 225/707 656 entrants get paid so only another 51 to go!

Have about 25 BB left and need to make something happen in the next few blinds.

Be back after the cash to update.

I am holding finger crossed Blink win this one Big Smile

Crashed and burned boys and girls. Out in 275 for a whoppin ,91 cents. Better than my investment but not much. Lost a crucial hand when it folded around to me in SB and I wake up with A10 and shove into smaller stack he wakes up with JJ and i brick board and end up very short and go out with very little. Ce la vie...

Just got fucked up royally by AJ vs my Kings again. Playing the hot 2.20 and in the money with a few hundred left before bubble. 10 9 8, Q turn And A to rub it in the wound Ace on river for good measure. Was doing quite well prior to this. close but no cigars this one.

I see you won that 3,50 6-max Big Smile nice Big Smile but I must say calling all in with JT is preaty risky... he had A9 and he should kicked you out... spend int wisely now Big Smile

Yeah it was ballsy but it worked out.

Just took down a 1.50$ 6 max turbo for another 5.15$.

Am sitting 1st/8 in a 18 man 1.50 turbo 9.52 up top

Ended up 2nd/18 for 7.12$. got it good again and nothing will hold up or hit today after I'm ahead pre-flop. It's sick all day long. Had K9 vs K3 and of course a three hits right away. That's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.

So I've played 4 sit & go's today on Stars and have cashed all 4 so far.

3.50$ 6 man - turbo 1st 12.95$
1.50$ 6 man - turbo 1st 5.15$
3.50$ 6 man - turbo 2nd 6.97$
1.50$ 18 man-turbo 2nd 7.12$

The last one should have been a first but I'll the cash for 2nd and move on.

100% cash rate so far and will continue a bit later on and post some more results.

Edited by TheIrish77 (13 May 2016 @ 21:29 GMT)

good luck man, go grind those sit and go Big Smile

So u finally took my advice Irish, the man the myth the leeeeegggeeeeeeeeeeennddd Big Smile
Keep grinding those SNG`s i see u are doing well, knew u were going to, this aint a surprise to me Big Smile
I also see u a are taking shots at THE BIG and THE HOT one`s Big Smile at those low buyins its a donk fest, but if u manage to finish in the top 5 spots ull do very well Big Smile
So go get`em, and never back down, so what if he has 10 times your stack, grind him to nothing Big Smile Thumbs Up

Just took down another 6 man-turbo on PS 5.15$ won.

5/6 I've cashed now.

Might not play too much longer with Jays and Raptors games starting at 8pm.

We The North !!!! Taking down the heat tonight in south beach. Next up Lebron and company.

Any other B-Ball fans in here ?

Sorry bro, i am no basketball fan, but a big, aaaaaahhhhh fak big, HUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE handball fan here bud Big Smile
We suck at most sports in my country, like football and basketball, but we kick ass in handball Big Smile
Thumbs Up

Nice outcome again The Irsih. Saw both of you (TheIrish and SBEP ) in the BRM daily freeroll having different fortunes . I crashed out with a silly QQ all in call again A5 and A9 and of course an A came on the flop. Good luck with any play over the weekend. No doubt see you in the freeroll later.

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