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Here are the results of the Sunday BRM freeroll on Party Poker. Congratulations to all winners specially to the forum reg. ivanjkp 2nd.-ingrind33 5th.-myself 9th. and sammybeyo 13th. At one time i was out the bubble and SB with K 7 there was no bet before me so decided to shoved and called by BB sammy and i won this hand. Then i got cards and managed to go FT finished 9th. when UTG i limp with K Q with two other players a Q 8 7 came on the flop i bet the pot got re raised and i shoved but he had it is set with a pocket 7. See you all next week.

Hey guys!

I finished early this week. Managed to get up to 7000 chips quickly but then I clashed all in pre flop against another big stack with AK vs his 1010. I raised 2x he re-raised to 7x I shoved and he called, then he hit his 10 ^^

Hopefully I will get luckier next week... Blink

Good luck

Congratulations to the regulars who made the cash in this tournament. As for me, yesterday was a poker free zone so didn't get the opportunity to play. I thought about you all and wished I could have been with you. There's always next week. Have a great week and hope success rains down on you all.

Hi all

Was a great game last night i register in last second off late reg ..
On finale table was crazy game perattin was going all in every hand ....
Finish 2nd not bad for me Smile
Congrazt to all who cashed !!!
Just won 1000 mob points on drawn first time for me Smile

Congratulations to all the people who cashed in this. Its always nice to see some familiar names in the money. I never play this tournament due to family commitments but i always check to see who has done well


Congratulations to all who have had success yesterday I was not able to participate , I was on the job and now I am unable to play because I have to work tonight , congratulations especially Ivanjkp seems that this is your happy days bro

Congratulations to all the winners. Is been some time, but i see pinotte you managed t get
paid again Smile
Its looks like one of the worst games, for the regulars, so far finishing in top positions,
since i dont see many of them Smile
But there is always the case where they didnt participate in the first place.
Good luck on next one.

Yes i did managed to make final table. I started the tournament and was building a stack slowly when on one had i had K K and lost a lot of my chips with someone having A A. Then i had only 1,100 chips and build it up again with very good cards and a little bit of luck. Smile Smile

well i guess pinotte deserves to finish itm all the time just because of his awesome reporting skills we- dudes who didn't play, feel right in the mix of things all the time. glad to see forum regs making it in the money, it just shows that there are players here even without pochui who know what to do at the poker tables.

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