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I've gone back to my original plan of grinding the MTTs on 888 after a brief stint on the cash tables. A family bereavement made me realise I've gotta do what I enjoy... and I certainly prefer MTT to cash.

My motivation to play is high, unfortunately my motivation to come on here (or anywhere else) and talk about it just isn't there. I like knowing that people are following my progress... but meh.

So there likely won't be regular updates....

I have my volume at a good level - around 20-30 or more tournaments per day, which will get me up to around 4,000 by the end of the year - comfortably inside the top 30 on sharkscope, and profit wise things are slow but steady... I'm still not sure if freerolls are included in the count, so have to try and figure that out as soon as I can.

....I'm bored of BankrollMob. Wish I could make it interesting somehow.

Yout85. Thank you for this update. My condolences on your family bereavement. Just an observation, while doing the things you love is important, don't forget about the people who are important as well. I have a friend whose mother died recently, and his outstanding comment was, I didn't spend enough time with her as I was busy doing what I wanted to!

Good luck.

I must agree with every word Damosk has said and i have regretted not spending more time with people who are not here anymore. Good luck to Yout85 on your Poker and i hope you can be successful


nice to see that some progress has in poker playing , and certainly if you proceeded to write a report you'll get great support here , you have a good plan to play poker though freeroll is for beginners like me , I see that you do not need to because you have a large sum of money at the end of the year

There will be always people who will folow your progres.
I know me first love to see when people wrote theirs poker progres no mater what their playing cash games , mtt or SNG ...
We will folow any updates and good luck Dollar Dollar Dollar

I am very sorry for the loss of your family member and offer my you my condolences.

However i am very happy to see you back to what you like the most and wish you all the best in your new challenge. But i am also sorry that you won't be a reg. forum post since what you were writing was always very interesting and was helping to keep this forum a very nice place.

Don't be bored of BRM a little bit of your presence make it very good and we are missing you when you are not there. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

we always see things on right way,when they are gone!same is with people!we see what have we missed with them,when they are not with us anymore!so enjoy in life on whatever way you want with people who you love!

This new thing on 888 is pretty cool....

Yes this is pretty nice and you got a good week of poker from what i have seen. Just continue the good work.

You can also come here for a few post. Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

Sorry to hear about you and your families loss my friend. Always remember family before anything.

Good luck on you newest challenge and bring in big bucks buddy.

This is my graph for the year so far (attached)... just under half of the total tournaments played have been in the last 3 days, and I intend to keep up that volume, or even raise it as I'll be able to start adding more rebuys as my bankroll grows.

I have 5 2nd places in amongst these results, and just one 1st, so could have been so much better.

Attached Imagestotalprofitbygamesplayed.png

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