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Posted by george031988:
After i Log in via Fulltilt software (FTP details/ Ps details tried both ) i get this same window appearing,with only my PS account money in the cashier. Confused

Open your Full Tilt account an then before log in put your old Full Tilt user name and password.
Then you should de a window appearing showing migrate and it should work.
However i had to do it twice because the first time did not work.

Good luck.

What do you mean by "old username"? I had 2 accounts ,1 on P.S and 1 on F.T.P . I tried to log in with both on the Full.Tilt software and the same window appears every time. Nothing about merging ,or anything regarding my Full.TILT assets.

The first time when you open Full Tilt, the new one, you need to log-in with the username and passwords from Full Tilt. If you logged first time with pokerstars username and password you can't merging. That's what i did by mistake ( the interface looked like pokerstars, so i just tiped username and pass from pokerstars ). I sent an email to [email protected] / com and they reseted my account. After that, i just logged into full tilt account and put my username and password from Full Tilt and it worked. After i merged my account, i log-in with username and password from pokerstars.

Skype: qzmag. sent me a message if you need more help.

Have a nice day / night and GL.

I've had nothing yet from either full tilt or pokerstars, but by the looks of it, it was a late BST thing so I guess I need to fire up the PC and log on and see what comes of it. I'm genuinely interested to see how it all works from here on in and what impact or difference it ultimately has to anyone. Good luck all.

After a long night and many emails to the support i got my account fixed .
If you continue to have ptoblems,the solution is to contact the support team and try to explain them what is going on. GL all! Thumbs Up

... Big Smile< ...None of my points or cash or anything has been moved to PS yet...! I had been using the same password on both sites, now the system is not recognizing my FT pass,...and hasn't migrated anything... Confused

... Big Smile< Good thing I took a screenshot of all my FT assets the very last night be3fore the migration...!

... Big Smile< Hey Amaya.....bend over so I can migrate THIS 8======D up your @$$ Thumbs Down

I had the same problem wrote to PS and here a copy of answer. Hope it will be good for you. I had to do it twice because the first time did not work but OK with second.

Thank you for contacting us regarding your account upgrade.

In order to complete the account upgrade process, please follow these steps.

1. Launch the new Full Tilt software.
2. When prompted to enter your Stars account details, please enter your old Full Tilt username and Password here.
3. This will then launch the account upgrade process and your balances will be transferred to your new Stars account.

We appreciate your patience and please let us know if you have any further questions or visit our FAQ page here:


Hopefully I have informed you sufficiently regarding this matter but if there is anything else we can assist you with, please let us know.


Big Smile< I sent them this letter...:

Hi again...!

I did that and it did not transfer my Coins or cash
or anything else...! I used the same password for both sites in the
past, that might be the problem. It's recognizing my FT pass as my
PS pass and is not tranferring anything.

I took a screen shot of my
balances and I can send that as proof as to what I had in there.

balance was...:

$??.?? real money

5.96 Full Tilt Coins

1 $2 Ring
Game ticket with 7 days left on it until expiration

2028 Weekly
Freeroll Tickets...

I'll send you the screen shot,...or you can go
look in my FT account and manually transfer them all for me...!



Same user name and same password could be the problem but just write support and they will help you to do it or they will i am sure you won't lose anything. Big Smile

... Big Smile< Hey pinotte,...or anybody... Did they multiply the number of your FT Coins X 7. I see it's 7 coins instead of 1 to play now... They better cough up the 41.72 StarCoins....

... Big Smile< ...and is the 12 hour thing still in effect...? I sent this email...:

Hi again...!

I need to get my 5.96 Full Tilt Coins into PokerStars before 2:25pm Eastern today before the 12 hour thing runs out. Can you please quick transfer my coins over for me...?

It did cost 1 Full Tilt Coin to play The Deal Jackpot on FT,...but I see it now costs 7 Star Coins to play it on PS. You will need to credit me 41.72 Star Coins.



One of their support must be there answering questions only from demo Smile

Why dont you give it some time first, to fix all problems by themselves first.
It will save you the time, and the anger you are getting Smile

I was under the impression that we would be able to use either stars or tilt but both with the same wallet

But I can only now get onto stars.

On my phone it wont open full tilt at all, it says account is already merged. on pc, it fails completely

IQA, i logged in to FT and then tried stars and i had no problem with both of them, that was on my pc. i hardly use my tablet for poker so i wont try that it's in my car and i can't be bothered to get it anyway . Big Smile

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