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Playing todays Daily freeroll lon PP and sitting in 2nd place in the cash and wake up with pocket 6's.
It's called by 2 in front of me so i call. Flop comes 633 i check obviously as well as everyone else and A comes off. Yes someone could have been slow playing ACes but no not in there position and chip counts. Brick river and turn over the cards and to my amazement Quad 3's . would have been chip leader again which i was for most of the tournament so far.

Now in 7th/18 runners remaining.

Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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$hit hapen yesterday on party i have similiar hand where i have 2 2 and my oponent have AA and flop gives 2 A 2 and rest is history ..... Smile
we boath make super slow play and after river he goes all in and i ofc call Smile

Nothing you can do there, that's why it's called a cooler hehehe!!! Or because it cools your genitals and make them very small? Big Smile

Of course on the flop you are aware that you don't have the nuts, and on the turn you now have third nuts. So yeah it's one of these spots where you can't fold if you don't know the player you're playing against. If it was a live game, against someone that you know is tight, this hand is actually foldable. Because you only really beat 63 and pocket pairs, other than that your hand is just a bluff catcher, even if it's a boat.

Ahhhhh its just one of those hands where the parties involved in it, can not escape the hand, its a cooler, sometimes against u, other against the opponent, once i got dealt K8 suited the flop came KKJ, i bet, the guy in the hand with me raised, my gut was telling me he has a better kicker which turned out my gut was right when we show our hands at showdown, so take it easy legend Big Smile ull be back up top in no time Thumbs Up

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