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Hey guys!

I hit 5$ casino free play on 888 poker a couple of days ago. I just played it all on one hand of blackjack and managed to double up (hit 16 and chose to stand, dealer had a J and busted, thankfully :o) )

But then I got a small popup that said "freeplay finished" and now my casino balance shows 5$. I'm not sure if I've completed the bonus, but the money is only available for casino, not poker and sports betting. Anybody knows why?

The way the freeplay works on there, is you get $5 to play with and get to keep any winnings up to 100%.... so if you had placed 5 separate $1 bets and won 1 and lost 4, you'd have $1 in bonus money. The way you did it, you get $5 bonus money. But that money is restricted and only available on casino. I believe your would have to wager around $100 before you would be able to use that money wherever you liked.

The one time I did have freeplay money on there, I unlocked it by placing $1 on red, $1 on black, $1 on odd, even first 12, second 12, third 12.... then repeat and hope it doesn't land on 0 any time in the first 12 or so spins. The odds are slightly in your favour to stake enough before going broke.

Yup! Invariably there are playthrough requirements for these bonuses, so the only option is to get back into the casino and play play play until you have either lost your $5 or won something..... Keep checking on your account details for progress of the playthrough so that you know when to stop. Good luck.


... Big Smile< I too won a $5 Casino bet on the wheel the other night...but it hasn't been credited just yet.

... Big Smile< ...and ya,...I think it would be better to play like 5 $1 bets instead of all in one shot,...then just keep playing it until you either kill it or go bust...!

... Big Smile< I imagine you'd also get a few 888 Coins out of it too...maybe...

I think that when you clear a bonus the money is available to play wherever you like.
poker, sports etc. Never heard of cleared money to be tied somewhere.
So probably you havent cleared the bonus yet Smile
Ask support for information.

Free play money is not bonus money,i learned that on 888.One time i had 120 free play and when i earn 60 Dollar they finish and give me max 60 bonus ,u may earn 500 but u only got half of 120, 60.After that u mast earned that money,i played a lot for that 60

Yea, from what im aware of free play is different from bonus money.
When you get free play, if you manage to win, you get awarded with bonus money.
Which means there are play through requirements attached to it.

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