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Last night i looked on Stars if there was a Badugi tournament found one and enter $2.00 prog. bounty i started vey slow card dead tried few hand but nothing so decided to be patient since i had very agressive players at my table and after a while i started to rebuild my stack until this hand come.

I was dealt a nut Badugi A 2 3 4 and decided to slow play it i check one bet one called an i did the first draw i min bet trying to show a weak badugi got raised other called and i do to same on 2nd and 3rd. draw min bet got raised and then i pushed what i had left in chips they both called and of course i won the hand and became overall chips leader. To make it short i enclose copy of final tourney.

PokerStars Tournament #1564724239, Pot Limit Badugi
Buy-In: $1.00/$1.00/$0.20 USD
72 players
Total Prize Pool: $144.00 USD
Tournament started 2016/05/18 17:33:00 ET

Dear pinotte1943,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 19.62 award has been credited to your Stars Account.

You have also received USD 25.18 in Knockout Bounties for this tournament. You won bounties for the following players: petruquius, theonlymike9, ajico, vicnic2, goatlady 123, Pescado2, pinotte1943
Note: As you won the tournament, you also won your own bounty.


Thank you for participating.

wow bounty badugi.Cant find it !

find,just play...thanks

looked that hand mr.pinotte.this guy somehow win last hand and make k.o. i am knew it,he is not know rules,so i just check raise with k pat and double my stack.really great tourney for us drawers.

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You are doing well in a game that is not that popular.
Besides winning it, you got even more from bounties. Smile
Something tells me that you are going to be a regular to it with more winnings.
And why not, since you have scored good both games. Thumbs Up

I played another one yesterday it was a freeroll that i found on another site and had to registered to get the password. Then i registered to the game and they were saying first 80 are winning prize will be given later.

But later i just found that there was nothing to win we were playing for fun. Aww crap! Aww crap!

I played it just the same and finished 15th. out of 808 players but many sit out and it also was a limit tournament which i don't like very much i prefer pot limit ones. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Since you are running hot keep playing this game.

Limit is annoying indeed. I cant stand it.
Sometimes it takes for ever, just for one round. Raise and reraise and reraise.....
I have quit many freeroll games due to this, even ones that i had a good shot to get paid.

it seems that badugi was an intersting new poker game and perhaps it was a good idea to learn more about this game. The most player, me too, playing nl holden or Omaha and perhaps ir was +ev to try a new game to build a bankroll.

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